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They sure don’t call ’em the Laffs for nothing!!

This game was highly entertaining.  TYLER scored two goals, the Sabres collectively were very good on the power play, and their penalty kill was spectacular they didn’t kick around the short bus kids too terribly much.  Seriously, though, at one point I just sat there and laughed while the Sabres were on the penalty kill.  God bless those Leafs.  They sure do try.

I don’t think the Sabres are ever going to lose again, and I certainly don’t think they’ll ever lose to the Leafs.

That Phil Kessel has been, uh, pretty darn good lately!

Brian Burke said “lovely” on the radio yesterday.  I was not aware that that word is in his vocabulary.

Dude, Kevin just reminded me that the Leafs traded away Tuukka Rask.  AHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH IT JUST GETS FUNNIER!

If Tyler Myers does not win the Calder Trophy, I will be even angrier than I will be if Alex does not win the Maurice Richard Trophy.  And trust me, guys, that is so angry no one will want to be in a ten-mile radius of me.

Last night the Caps stuck it to the Senators, wahoo!  Nicki got two (WHERE is his EXTENSION?) and Alex finally got one.  Yay, happy, joy, smiles.  Semyon Varlamov will never play hockey ever again, however.  Poor Varlaay.

Apparently my mom almost got into a fight with a drunk Leafs fan at the game.  That would have made my life, because my mother is not exactly the type of person who gets into fights at hockey games.

Tyler, you’re just the cutest.  But I’m pretty sure you were never “peewee.”

I like how everyone was legitimately concerned that the Leafs would tie it up at the end.  Guys, two things:

1.)  I realize the Leafs were “putting on the pressure” and the Sabres couldn’t even get the puck, but they’re the Leafs.  They are the LEAFS.

2.)  We had Ryan Miller in net, playing against the Leafs.  Ryan does not choke against the Leafs.

Ryan Miller just said “take the punch like a man.”  There is a reason I love this man.  Although there are a few signs that he actually might be a psychopath after all…

All in all, the Sabres have won six straight and they’ve been all sorts of games.  Come from behind, 1-0, lots of goals, “cutting it close at the end.”  I love every single one of them so very much.  I think they might actually possibly be good at hockey.  It’s a really cool feeling.

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