Good Call.

December 1, 2009 at 4:46 pm | Posted in Alex Ovechkin, Thought-provoking Stuff | 1 Comment

After loads of speculation as to whether or not the league would suspend Alex to prove that they were cracking down on dangerous plays, he got himself a two-game timeout.

I’m totally okay with it. I’m pissed that he actually did something to warrant a suspension, but the punishment seems fitting enough. It was his second ejection in three games, there was that whole slew foot incident, and this one was dangerous. Gleason did come back and play and Alex was the one who ended up getting hurt more severely, but it was still a fairly blatant knee-on-knee.

I certainly don’t want him to completely revamp his playing style, but something does have to change. You gotta be a little more careful next time, buddy boy. Someone could get hurt and I’d really prefer if it wasn’t you.

I apologize for the general panicky tone to my post last night. When the team wasn’t saying anything and they just kept showing the hit over and over, it looked really bad. Hearing that he skated this morning is (hopefully) a good sign. He should take this suspension to heal and recover so that he can just suck it up and come play a game in Buffalo. He owes me one after all this crap so far this season.

I realize that it is kind of convenient that his suspension comes at the same time as an injury, but whatevs. Regardless of the reasons, Florida and Philadelphia got a big break.

As for all the talk of karmic retribution and this being the hockey gods’ revenge for him getting away with his hit on Kaleta, um, it’s more that he just did it in general one time too many. I still don’t think he’s a dirty player and I don’t think he’s like those goons who just want to go out and hurt people, and I don’t think the hockey gods are trying to screw him over. It was just that he kneed another guy and it was time to do something about it.

I still don’t see how Mike Richards gets away with all the crap he pulls.

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  1. Mike Richards is an ass while Alex can’t control the way he plays. He doesn’t seem to know his own strength whatsoever. Good call by the league.

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