October 15, 2009 at 9:58 pm | Posted in Alex Ovechkin, Buffalo Sabres, Happy!!, Jose Theodore, Lars Nicklas Backstrom, Semyon Varlamov, Washington Capitals, What Is Up With All These Injuries?, Winning Is Totally Awesome | 1 Comment

The Caps ended their four-game slide in dramatic fashion, sticking it to the Sharks 4-1  Yay!!  Whoop whoop!!  I need to have panic attacks about my teams more often.  It seems to pay off.

Alex got two goals, but he decided to be a butt-head and not got for le tour du chapeau.  Whatevs, boyfriend.  We’l get there next time.

I think Lars said a potty word when they showed him congratulating Alex after the game.  This concerns me because not only was it a potty, it was a really, really bad one.

Theo left the game.  I never thought I’d say this, but….I hope it’s not too bad.  We need him.  If we don’t have him, that’s bad.  Although Varly was pretty sparkly filling in.

I won’t be  able to see most of the Sabres game tomorrow since I’m an awesome sister and I’ll be supporting my brother and the middle school band at the football game.  I’m planning on freezing to death.  I sincerely hope the Sabres beat the Islanders.  That would be nice.

It snowed earlier today!!  Yay!!!!


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  1. I think Lars is hanging out with Green too much. Which is worrying me.

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