That Was Awesome.

October 13, 2009 at 9:32 pm | Posted in Buffalo Sabres, Derek Roy, Detroit Red Wings, Happy!!, Patrick Kaleta, Ryan Miller, Thomas Vanek, What Is Up With All These Injuries?, Winning Is Totally Awesome | Leave a comment

To say I was apprehensive going into this game would be a pretty accurate statement. Yes, the Sabres hadn’t lost yet in overtime, and yes, Detroit hasn’t looked quite as lethal as they have in years past, but still. I’m a Sabres fan, therefore I’m realistic.

That game rocked.

Like, it was so enjoyable to just watch the Sabres completely manhandle the opponent. As I’ve already said, the next week and a half are crazy for me. It was so nice to be translating Latin passages and to look up after each sentence to find that the Sabres weren’t playing with their eyes closed. They actually looked really good, specifically in the second period. Ryan Miller was pretty solid and he stopped a penalty shot (the most exciting play in hockey!). We got offense from the players who were supposed to provide offense. Tyler Myers continued to look great. I know it’s WAY too early to start thinking about things like this, but would it completely shock me if he at least challenged for the Calder? No. It would not.

Thomas Vanek’s health is definitely a concern, and I hope keeping him outbqas just precautionary. We really need him. The world without Thomas is a scary, scary place.

Patrick Kaleta was just so darn cute after his goal.

Derek pleased me tonight. I hope he has another killer season.

As a bit of a Chris Osgood fan, I’m a little sad we chased him. But not that sad.

The next game is against the Islanders. 1.) They better beat them. 2.) I probably won’t be able to watch, and after seeing how they handled a good team, I would love to see them play a crappy team.

Then again, they might do a typically Sabre thing and play an absolutely horrific game. It wouldn’t surprise me if that happened.

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