The Deal With The Coyotes

October 7, 2009 at 9:39 pm | Posted in Buffalo Sabres, Phoenix Coyotes, Thought-provoking Stuff | Leave a comment

Dear Buffalo,

Tonight you play the Coyotes. Now, I realize that last year when you played them, it was something of a whupping. Don’t be too cocky this year, though, boys. Phoenix should not be taken lightly.

The Coyotes were a hot mess this summer. You know it, I know it. But the thing is, the Coyotes have got nothing to lose at this point. It’s not like they were the preseason Cup favorites, and that’s why you have to be careful. Just sitting back and expecting a win tomorrow night won’t do you any good. And I don’t care if it was only the first game of the season and everyone else is thrilled; I don’t like what happened against Montreal Saturday night. You looked great in the first period and then forgot to show up for the rest of the game. Phoenix will take advantage of that if you’re not careful.

Wayne Gretzky isn’t their coach anymore (and for the sake of their six fans, thank God. Wayne was a great player, but a truly horrific coach), and the team is out to prove something. It’s them against the world. They’re like a big group of angsty teenagers.

Watch yourselves tonight, play a full game, and don’t be the team they make a point against.

With Love,


P.S. Please, please, please score more than one goal. I promise I’ll bake you all cookies if you do.

P.P.S. As it turns out, fortune has smiled on me and I’ll be at the game tonight. Now, Buffalo, I know you don’t have the best track record when I’m at the game, but this time I won’t even be wearing a Caps jersey! I’ll be cheering 100% for you!!

P.P.P.S. I started writing this post last night, but I published it today, October 8. Sorry WordPress is being screwy.


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