The DC Adventure!

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Dear Readers, I’m sure it’s no secret that an ambition of mine is to one day see the Capitals play in the Verizon Center.  In spite of everything I love the Sabres and I love going to HSBC Arena for games, but the fact still remains that at this point in my life, going to the Phone Booth to watch the Caps has become something like a pilgrimage to Mecca for me.  It’s also part of a grander ambition of mine, and that’s to see a hockey game in all thirty arenas at some point in my life.

Now, I knew this wouldn’t be easy.  It’s a fact that I’m insanely busy during hockey season, and just picking up and taking a trip to Washington for the sole purpose of seeing a hockey game isn’t really the most sensible of plans.  One thing that I knew would play to my advantage is my love for everything about the city that doesn’t have to do with hockey, and my knowledge that like myself, my family loves the city and its history and monuments and museums.  So, I knew if I planned this properly, I’d have a shot.

We began tentatively discussing The DC Adventure, as it came to be known, in July.  It was shortly after the schedule had come out, and we had narrowed down the list of games we could theoretically attend.  I had always wanted to see the Sabres play in Washington, but thanks to the schedule, that dream will not come to fruition, at least this year.  It was decided that the only two games that would really work were the one against the Flyers over Martin Luther King weekend, and the game against the Thrashers on April 1st.

We hit our first major snafu when it was discovered that MLK weekend is only a week before my midterms; as much as I wanted to see the Flyers take on the Caps, I knew I wouldn’t be able to leave town that close to so many big exams.  That game was crossed off the list, leaving only one other option this year:  The Thrashers/Caps game on Thursday, April 1st.

My spring break is toward the end of April this year, but since the school district wanted to prove they weren’t completely heartless, they gave us a conference day on April 1st in addition to the day off we have Friday due to it being Good Friday, making it a four-day weekend.  That would provide plenty of time to tour the city and see all our favorite sites, and making the drive down in time for a 7 o’clock puck drop would be quite doable.  And so, we decided that should the DC Adventure happen, we would make the journey to see the Caps play my darling Thrashers, featuring my beloved Kovy, Zachity Zach, Colby, and hopefully Evander.

Still, there was always the chance that something would come up and we would be unable to attend the game.  Then, Dear Readers, I received an email from the Capitals informing me that as a member of Ice Chips, an exclusive secret society, I would be able to buy tickets for the regular season via presale.  For the first time in weeks I brought up the DC Adventure, and as I’m sure you’ve figured out from this post, victory was mine.  On April 1st, I’ll be attending the Washington Capitals/Atlanta Thrashers game.

Excuse me for a moment.


Okay, I’m better now.

So, yeah.  That’s my exciting news.  Only six months!!


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