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Word on the street is that our own Drew Stafford has signed a contract extension, but since the Sabres haven’t confirmed it yet and I haven’t gotten a text yet, I’m not going to comment on it.

Other than that they better not be overpaying the inconsistent little jerk.

I’ve been back to school for two whole days…and I’ve already started my count down till next summer.  Heh.  The best part so far was in our Welcome Back assembly when they told us that the best way we can get involved is by dressing up for Halloween and Homecoming week.  Wow, I never knew giving back to your school was so easy.

I was going to put up my Sabres preview this weekend, but I think I’ll wait and post it next weekend.  Sorry to let you all down.

Alexander is returning to the US of A tomorrow, which is very exciting.  Supposedly Lars is already back, which is also very exciting.  On Wednesday, Alex will be in the Big Apple to promote his video game.  He’ll be arriving by zamboni.  Yes, I know, he can’t drive.  It is for this reason that my mother suggested I blow off school and we drive on down, because apparently even she would drive seven hours and then turn right back around if it meant seeing Alex driving an ice-resurfacer down the streets of New York.  Alas, I have two tests on Wednesday and I’m babysitting that night, so I shall be unable to go see him.  Blast.

The hockey game I want to go to in DC is the Inaugural Club Scarlet Night.  Methinks that would be an excellent game to be at.

I’m not liking the Sabres’ chances this year.

Let’s do some fun videos.

Zachity Zach!! Oh, how I have missed thee.  And did you get a haircut?  (As I was writing this post, I realized that I don’t have a Zach Bogosian tag.  What the HELL is wrong with me??)

Okay, which part of this video is the best part?  David showing how to play safely by showing up in flipflops?  David discussing his career shootout stats against Slapshot?  I can’t decide.  But oh, how I love David.  You’re going to be so badass this year.

Hands off, ladies. He’s spoken for.  (It took me a really long time to get that link to work because the video was in Russian.  Lots of guessing and random clicking involved.)

And finally, this one:

(This was the only video I could actually embed.)

Ha.  Hahaha.  Oh, Cabbie.  You know how to make me LOL.  You really do.

Ryan, thanks for being the first to just come out and admit that yes, you’ve done yoga.  There’s no shame in it.  Yoga is so great, and you feel so happy and peaceful after.  Really.  I thought I was going to skip yesterday when I finished.

Joe:  “I’ve gotta admit, I’ve gone once or twice.”  Joe, just say that you go weekly and that you can’t imagine life without it.  We see right through you trying to be all coy.  It’s really cute, but we know the truth.

“Are your pores just leaking Grey Goose?” = Best line in the video.

(Author’s note:  Trust me, you sweat it out in hot yoga.  Like, it pours off you.  But I haven’t gotten lightheaded yet.)

Don’t fight it, Joe.  We know you were looking.

Jonny, you are SUCH a typical 21 year-old.  “I had to!”

Joe Thornton seriously cracks me up.

So that’s about it.  I realize that this post had absolutely no pattern or reasoning behind it.  But that’s okay.


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  1. I think I love Joe Thornton after watching that video. Getting that excited and into a convo about how comfortable lululemon underwear is…hilarous.

    • I know. Isn’t he amazing?

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