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I’m leaving tomorrow for vacation, so, you know, see ya!  Maybe I’ll post.  Maybe I won’t.  That kind of depends on if the Sabres do anything if I see Joe Biden, who is apparently vacationing in South Carolina as well.

There’s not much going on.  Teppo retired, my mom cried, and then I reminded her that hopefully he’ll return to us as an assistant coach.

There’s lots of drama surrounding the Olympic training camps, but I think everyone just needs to get over it.  Leave the players alone, let them play in Vancouver, then discuss the things you need to discuss.

I have to go pack.  I used to love packing, then I realized how bad I was at it, and now I hate it.

Have fun while I’m gone, Buffalo.

Alexander Ovechkin And His Little Problem

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I could talk about’s coverage of the Sabres during their “30 in 30” segment and I could talk about Ryan Miller being all anti-stalking in his new blog post (don’t let him EVER find the fake restraining order I have from the year my friends and I went as Sabres groupies), but instead I’m choosing to write about an interview Alexander gave that first started making the rounds on Puck Daddy.

First, the video:

Finished watching?  Done vomiting?  Okay, good, glad you’re back.  I’d like to start by saying that there are actually a lot of things about this interview that would make it adorable.  Confessing that he’ll probably cry when his child is born?  Yup, yup, that’s a good thing.  Admitting his face “isn’t fit for ads”?  Spot on, Alex, you adorable, self-deprecating man.  Russian hockey players are better than much cooler than more interesting than different than Canadian players in that they’re more about technique?  I wholeheartedly concur.

But then there’s the part when the woman interviewing him decides to get into the nitty gritty details about his love life.

Two things:

1)  There’s no such thing as a boundary in Mother Russia.

2)  I’m pretty sure we all have a fairly decent idea about the shenanigans he gets into off the ice, thank you very much.  We don’t need you asking him to give us the  serious details.  I certainly don’t want to know, and I’d like to think his other crazy obsessive stalkers future wives dedicated fans agree with me when I say “What I don’t know can’t hurt me.”

(Oh dear God, it even made

Alex.  Alex, Alex, Alex.  We did not need to hear that apparently, you love sex.  You love it before games and you love it after games.  (Can we see the credit card bill that had that $18,000 strip club charge?  I wouldn’t be AT ALL surprised if it came right before or after a game.)  You know what, Alex?  We could have guessed as much.  You don’t need to broadcast that.  Especially since some fans might tell their mothers who might find it outrageously funny and tell their husbands who then tell the aforementioned fans that “that’s the end of that, because no way are you getting anywhere near someone like that.

The only thing is, if he’s serious and that is the case, apparently it works.  Because as mad as I may be at him for his various off-ice activities, I still think he’s the best player in the league, and watching him is almost therapeutic.  Because he’s that good.

So…we’re going to have to work on this, Alex.  I’m sure you’d be just as good without your little pre-/post-game routine.


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I’m supposed to be working on a summer assignment for my AP class next year, since I figured it would be better to give up on it and take a break on August 3rd as opposed to August 30th.  Woo.

The Sabres signed some dude to replace Petey but I don’t feel like looking up how to spell his name.

My parents got pissed when I told them that in addition to not going away during Spring Break so that we can watch the Sabres Capitals in the playoffs, we can’t go away during the break in February because it’s the Olympics.  Apparently I’m the only one in my family who loves the Olympics that much, because they told me that was a bad reason to skip leaving town.  I told them if I miss seeing my beloved Russian(s) playing my beloved Americans Swede(s) I might cry.  Also, I kind of want to throw an Olympics-themed birthday party.

Mo the Second stopped by the Caps’ practice facility for an interview. He’s a cutie.  He’s house-hunting.  I got bored three minutes into the interview because my attention span is probably equal to that of a fly today so I didn’t get a chance to see if he’s wearing a wedding ring or not.  Anyone have information on his marital status?  It would be much appreciated.

The other day I watched a cute video of Michael Nylander and he said he was the only Cap with kids.  That’s fascinating.  I wonder if that has changed.  Michael’s children were beautiful.  Alex and his daughter were adorable together.

Time to go make more lists, methinks.  The Sabres are so boring that they don’t even have any good procrastination aids this summer.  Boo.

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