Hold Up.

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Last night as I was flipping through a magazine, something occurred to me.  The 2010 Trade Deadline for this season had recently been named as March 3rd.  When I heard this I dismissed it, as there were bigger March 3rd-related thoughts racing around my head (“OMG OMG OMG CAPS ARE COMING!!  WOO!! MUST MAKE SURE I HAVE TICKETS!!!  AHH!!!!!”)  What I had forgotten was that March 3rd is when NHL action resumes after the Olympic break.  Now, I’m quite surprised that I had overlooked this detail, as I have been all about the Olympics for the past few weeks.  (Frostee’s current order of thoughts: 1.) I love Harry Potter!  I love Harry Potter! 2.)  Ew, I actually have to go to school soon?  3.)  OMG Olympics this year.  I love the Olympics.  Go Russia!!)  However, I did, and upon realizing my mistake, I began to ponder this.

Leading up to the NHL Trade Deadline Day, one of the craziest/most exciting days of the year, the NHL will be shut down for two weeks.  On the one hand, I suppose this could be a good thing.  If a team is looking to deal a player or wants to deal for a player and that player got hurt, the two weeks would provide time to heal and the teams could see if it would be worth trading.  If a team is trying to sign a free agent by the deadline or else plans on trading that player, it gives management a time for some serious negotiating without worrying about distracting the rest of the team, and gives them time to find a suitable trade partner if they can’t reach an agreement.  So in some ways, having a break before the deadline might be nice.

But think about this:  On March 3rd, teams trying to make last-minute deals won’t have seen the players play since the middle of February.  Yes, they might have seen them play more recently in the Olympics, but that’s entirely different from playing with their team in the NHL.  And that brings me to another point.  The days leading up to the deadline are never as busy as the deadline day itself, but there are always more trades in the last few weeks.  What happens if a player comes home from the Olympics and the GM greets him by saying, “Hey, great job at the Olympics [insert name of player here]!  Bummer that you got squashed by Russia in that game.  That was embarrassing.  Hope you still had fun!  Oh, by the way, we traded you.”

I know the NHL is really just a business and that’s business, but still.  It seems to be a tad bit harsh, at least to me.

And that concludes my ponderings for the day.

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