Schedule Day! (The Bad Kind)

August 22, 2009 at 4:50 pm | Posted in Buffalo Sabres, Contracts, David Steckel, Jose Theodore, Randomness, This Irks Me, Washington Capitals | 15 Comments

Yesterday I got my schedule for the year in the mail.  For the most part it’s okay, but my math partner/BFF from last year isn’t in my class this year, and while I finally have a class with one of my good friends, I only have one with one of my others.  And I have to wait until eighth period every day for Latin.  And it’s exactly the same all year because all of the classes I’m taking are year-long.  And I have a lunch once every six-day cycle.  I’ve never had a lunch before in high school.  I’m kind of scared.  Who will I sit with?

Schedule Day meant that we had to go get my school supplies which meant that I had to get a binder for every single class except orchestra.  Yo, I’m in locker bay.  All of these binders are not going to fit.  My teachers will just have to suck it up when I use folders.

The Sabres signed another guy.  Woopie.  I think they’re quite keen on beefing up for this season.

Bruce threw out the first pitch at the Nationals game the other night.  Go Bruce!

Jose Theodore’s two month-old son died.  I was completely shocked/completely depressed.  I may give Theo a lot of crap, but I would never wish this on anyone.  Caps, I think you need to come together and win the Cup for your backup goalie this year.  If anyone deserves it this year, it’s him.  It’s absolutely tragic. was having another 20% off sale for t-shirts but they’re still out of all of the smaller sizes of the Backstrom shirts.  This is causing me distress.

I have no idea what movie to watch tonight.  Which game is it of the Caps series?  If it’s Gam Six, I’ll watch that.  I love watching David Steckel be all sexy and heroic.  And Bruce’s reaction was beyond priceless.


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  1. Schedules…locker bays…this blog post is taking me back to the good ol’ days at OPHS. Wow, memories…

    • Haha, did I totally just take you back?

  2. Steckel, sexy and heroic…those words sound weird together.

    • And yet, I’ve come to find it describes him perfectly. It still blows my mind that I could fall so madly in love with him, but I did. I hope his wife doesn’t mind.

  3. Well this has nothing to do with this post…But I don’t know if you know this already but there happens to be a preseason game in Buffalo, against the Caps, on Alex Ovechkin’s birthday.

    • AAAHHH OMGAH YOU’RE RIGHT!! I can’t believe I didn’t put the two together. I’m just going to have to go and make a sign wishing him a happy birthday, then! Thanks for reminding me!

      • Haha no problem. Disappointing to me though that Ovechkin won’t be in town for his birthday.

      • I’m so bummed. I want to go and make him a sign wishing him a happy birthday and everything.

      • Why so bummed?

      • Oh, just because as it’s one of the first preseason games all the important players probably won’t play. But I’ll just have to shower my love upon the rookies who play for them.

  4. YOU’RE IN ORCHESTRA? That’s awesome. Please tell me you play viola. You seem more interesting than a run-of-the-mill violin player.

    • Aah I hate to disappoint, but I am, in fact, a mere violinist. But thanks! I do hope I’m interesting enough… =)

  5. Ah…I totally forgot about that. But I am sure/hope Ovie will have some time in there. Excited about Gustafson though…hopefully he will get some time on the ice. Ah..I love my Swedes

    • I can’t wait to see him either. He’s been hyped up so much. And don’t worry, I love them adorable Swedes too!

      • Ah less than a month til Preseason…can’t wait to see them all. Everyone around here is excited about Gustafson.Ah yes….Backstrom…can’t wait to see how he has been over the summer…

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