Fun With Pictures From USA Olympic Orientation Camp

August 19, 2009 at 5:16 pm | Posted in Olympics, Players, Randomness | Leave a comment

As I was perusing the blogosphere this afternoon, I came across this post that Amy wrote.  Now, I always enjoy reading what Amy has to say and this was no exception.  I’m a huge fan of NHL photoshoots in general, because they’re usually such a train wreck that the end result is a magnificent piece of artwork.  In the post, Amy said that on Getty Images there were more pictures from the Olympic Camp if you searched “hockey,” and since I don’t have any plans for another two hours, I figured I’d kill some time by doing just that.

Boy, am I glad I did.  These pictures are marvelous.  Looking at them is such a rewarding experience.

First off, for the headshots, it looks like the photographer made a bunch of players do a scary face and then a smiley face.  It’s like when you take group pictures of five year-olds and the only way you can get them to smile nicely for the shot is if you promise to take a silly picture after.  I can totally picture the photographer telling Dustin Byfuglien, “Okay, fine Dustin, I’ll take a picture of you glaring at me like that, but only if you smile nicely first!”

And then there are the poses.  Amy summed it up nicely; the various elements used should never all be featured in the same picture.  Chris Drury agrees.

89855015You want me to do what with a stick after this one?

Let’s see what some of the other players had to say about their pictures.

89855023Guys, I’m totally down with being an adorable Jon Heder look-alike a veteran leader, but could you please turn the fan down?  It’s blowing my hair.

89854976Wait…I thought I was invited to camp to try out for the team!  Not be the stick boy!

89836938All:  Sweet mother of mercy, he’s coming back to play another year!

89855019 17-02-41How many times to I have to ask?  Please turn the fan down!!

89855654I’m going to make Frostee do a triple-take when she’s looking through the pictures because I look just like a kid she goes to school with.

89856083Am I leaning in close enough?

89856076This is embarrassing.

89855021This picture will turn out great!  Now Abercrombie will have no choice but to hire me for their fall campaign!!


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