We Have A Lot Of Forwards

August 13, 2009 at 11:06 am | Posted in Alex Ovechkin, Buffalo Sabres, Chicago Blackhawks, Chris Drury, Close Encounters, Contracts, Drew Stafford, Jose Theodore, Mike Grier, Patrick Kane, Semyon Varlamov, Thought-provoking Stuff | 3 Comments

Reviewing the Sabres roster, it would appear as though we have a shitload of forwards, an unsigned Drew Stafford, and a couple Pirates who were hoping to make the jump this year.  I may be a bit late to this party, but the Sabres look like they might need to be making some trades.  I was hoping Nate and Timmy would be able to make the final roster this year, but in light of the current situation, I’m not sure there will be room for them.

I’m really on the fence about resigning Stafford.  They probably do need him in the lineup, but they might be able to trade him for something good.  On the other hand, if the Sabres are right up against the cap it’s not like they’ll be able to trade him away and get something good in return.  I’m quite intrigued by the whole situation.  I’m looking forward to how it all plays out.

Just a few other things:

  • At this point, it’s really old news, but Alex got a tramp stamp.  I’m just not going to comment on that.
  • Even my one cousin, who is far too busy following the Panthers and Gamecocks to pay any attention to another sport like hockey, heard about Kaner getting arrested.  This is a huge deal.
  • Even if when he gets off with just a slap on the wrist, Kane’s still going to have to deal with a crappy reputation.  This whole incident would be a perfect excuse for Chicago to say that with Duncan Keith and Jonathan Toews due contracts next summer too, the ‘Hawks just can’t afford him.  And that’s when the Sabres will swoop in and sign him.  Guys, at some point in his career, maybe even sooner than we thought, Patrick Kane will be a Buffalo Sabre.
  • There’s a huge teeny tiny part of me that wants Chris Drury to come back now that Mike Grier is back.  I know he’s outrageously overpaid, I know he’s underproducing in New York, I know he tried to knock my beloveds out of the playoffs, I know he didn’t like getting harassed by fans at Wegmans, but still.  He fit really well on the Sabres.
  • My dad saw Dan Marino yesterday morning when he was buying a paper.  This is definitely better than the year we saw Jennifer Love Hewitt.
  • Bruce, in an effort to be as cute and adorable as possible, says that Jose enters the camp as the #1 goalie.  Oh, Bruce.  Stop it, you funny old man, you.  Varly has to compete for the starting job?  Really?  Okay, Bruce.
  • Now, I realize that in theory this could be a really interesting competition for the starting job, but really?  I have complete faith in Simeon Simyon.  I believe in him.
  • Speaking of Varly, a while back he changed the spelling of his name.  I understand that he wants people to pronounce it properly, but still.  Dude.  I like the real spelling better.  And now I have to change the spelling on my tag.  (Edit: It’s Semyon, not Simyon.  My bad.)


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  1. I thought it was Semyon and not Simyon…Thats how Ive always heard it, Semyon Varlamov

    • Yep, it’s definitely Semyon.

      • Thanks, guys!!

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