I Miss Hockey.

July 12, 2009 at 8:11 pm | Posted in Players, Randomness, Washington Capitals | 1 Comment

I’m watching Game Seven of the Washington/New York series from this past spring on NHL Network.  It’s a lot of fun because Varly’s being a total badass, Lars and Alex (but mostly Lars) are skating around like they own the ice, and – hello!! – the Caps are going to win.  But it’s also sad, because Sergei Fedorov might be totally awesome in a few minutes and score the series-clinching goal but he’s in Russia now, and Mike Green is a fantastic pile of suck (I managed to block out just how bad he was, and seeing this again actually has me frightened.  Michael, what happened to you?).

Aw, now that “Hockey is for Everyone” commercial is on. Iggy, you’re adorable.  Like, absolutely adorable.  When I win the lottery and buy the Sabres, you’re the first player I’m trading for.  And I love how totally chill Alex is when he’s walking on to the ice for a clinic.  “‘Sup future superstars?”  Henrik Lundqvist is pretty, too.

Is it October yet?


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  1. does anyone else find DiPietro’s part of the “Hockey Is For Everyone’ PSA [on NHL Network ad nauseum] to be slightly disturbing?

    he’s screeching like a girl and if you notice, at least 4-5 of the kids are visibly frightened by his outburst and literally wince.
    you people with regular CBC/TSN programming don’t realize how good you have it… NHL Network has been a good offseason fix but christ are their commercials awful (there’s only like 3 of them and they air constantly).

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