Jaro’s Final Days?

June 28, 2009 at 12:01 pm | Posted in Buffalo Sabres, Jaroslav Spacek, This Irks Me, Washington Capitals | Leave a comment

According to Darcy, our beloved Caveman is looking to test the market this Wednesday.  This saddens me like you wouldn’t believe.  Jaro was our highest scoring defenseman all year and was the one defenseman I found myself consistently able to rely on.  Darcy, offering him a one-year deal and then just letting him walk away is NOT GONNA CUT IT.

I really, really don’t want him to leave, and if he does leave I refuse to believe that it’s all part of the plan to “take a step in the right direction.”  Losing Jaro would totally wipe out the fact that we didn’t draft a single player shorter than six feet.

The only way I could ever possibly even consider getting over this would be if he ended up in Washington.  The Caps are clearly interested in a defenseman, because they had been looking at Chris Pronger, and I could see him fitting in there.  He wouldn’t be the only European player and I’m sure the rest of the team would take good care of him.  Also, once I had forgiven him for leaving, I would be able to root for the team he was on without feeling guilty and I could keep a close eye on him.

But I would still probably cry.

P.S.  Marcus Foligno, please, you know and we know that if – or, hopefully, when – you score your first NHL goal you’ll do the jump.  And, um, you’re prettier than your brother.  Just sayin’.

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