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June 23, 2009 at 1:01 pm | Posted in Jaroslav Spacek, Lars Nicklas Backstrom, Randomness, Tyler Myers | 5 Comments

I had every intention of writing a nice post about the Sabres and who sucked and who was a bright spot, but that was back on Sunday when I thought I’d be feeling better yesterday.  Today, however, I’m actually up and hydrating (I’ve been working on a 32 oz bottle of Vitamin Water.  Royzie would be so proud.) and eating so things are looking up.

Lots of good news from Darcy today in the form of his desire to re-sign Jaro and Jaro’s desire to stay in Buffalo.  We’ve heard that party line from a lot of players over the past few years, but I actually trust my little Caveman.  He wouldn’t lie.  Darcy also made is sound like Tyler Myers will be getting seeing some time up here.  Huzzah!!  Our adorable giant will be coming to play with us!!

Lars is on the overseas cover of NHL 10.  I don’t speak Swedish, but I’m sure the blurb underneath is about how fabulous and badassed he is.

I find myself getting really excited for Free Agency Day this year.  Last summer I had to babysit all morning and missed the start of it, but this year I’ll be able to waste an entire day hitting refresh and seeing what crazy deals people are making.  A lot of GMs in this league feel the need to make huge, outrageous deals.  Seeing them react to the pressure is almost fascinating.  It’s like Trade Deadline Day all over again!


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  1. The blurb about Backstrom translates:

    Backstrom is becoming the youngest Swedish player to be on the cover through the years.

    • Aw, Lars!! Thanks so much for the translation!!

  2. I have current photo of him in Sweden, from last week. I can email it to you, not sure if it will post here. I also have another interesting article to send you, about the villa he is building near his hometown. I miss hockey. I miss seeing Lars on ice!

  3. Oh and here’s what he said about being on the cover. He’s so modest.

    “It feels very warm, and great if I can help to spread the hockey interest,” said Nicklas Bäckström. “It feels great to have ended up in this society, many former players have been wrapping itself had the idols.”

  4. Frostee,
    Email me if you want those other articles. I don’t see your email address.

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