I’m Sleepy.

June 17, 2009 at 9:40 am | Posted in Alex Ovechkin, Happy!!, Randomness, Steve Mason | 2 Comments

Since I do nothing but make excellent choices, I stayed up waaaayyy too late last night taking advantage of our HBO free preview week watching “The Good Shepherd.”  The last time I had seen it was a really long time ago (like, we watched it after an afternoon Sabres playoff game.  That long ago) and I couldn’t remember what happened, and my mom had never seen it.  When we realized just how late it went we turned it off and crashed.  Now, however, I’m very tired and have to take an exam/start studying for aforementioned exam and then go to a concert tonight.  But the last part will actually be fun.  I DVR’d “The Good Shepherd” when it’s on later so we can watch it at a reasonable hour.

I also set it to DVR “First Take” because Alex will be on at 1:15 and since Michael claimed in an interview that he “hadn’t been in contact” with him, I wanted to make sure he was alive.

But fear not, he is!! He showed up at the motion capture session and appeared to be in one piece.  He even did his hot stick celebration so, you know, the fans loved it and Don Cherry’ll be pissed as hell.

Well, time to go get caffeinated.  Hey, you know, after the awards on Thursday, we can go back to complaining about the Sabres!

P.S.  Steve Mason’s new blog is kind of wonderful.  I’m so glad I decided to love this kid.



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  1. Just have to say that I stumbled across your blog, and it’s pretty great. Kudos!

    • Thanks!!

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