Another. Game. Seven.

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There have certainly been a lot of sweeps this year in the playoffs, but GOOD GRIEF have there been a lot of seventh games.  But I’m pretty sure Game Seven in the Stanley Cup Finals is about as intense as it gets.  And while I didn’t want this series to go to seven games, the timing is actually perfect.  While New York State does a lot of bad, bad things, one good thing it does is regents exams.  They’re quick, they’re easy, they replace real exams, and they require studying the day before.  Therefore, I have absolutely no schoolwork to do during the game tomorrow night.  The last time I didn’t have a paper to write or a project to work on or a test to study for during a game was spring break.  I think.

I really, really want the Red Wings to win the game tomorrow night.  50% of that is rooted in my genuine like of the team.  The whole organization is amazing!   This is what all teams wish they could be like!  They’re successful with low draft picks!  They have Pavel “Candy Corn Head” Datsyuk!  What’s not to love?!  25% of it is my dislike for the Pens, and 25% of it is the fact that if Sidney Crosby wins the Stanley Cup before Alexander I will jump off the Peace Bridge.

Marian Hossa has basically been a non-factor in this series, crushing my hopes that he’ll get the series-clinching goal.  Of course, he could come alive in his desire to prove to the Penguins that he knew exactly what he was doing when he bolted for Pittsburgh.  I realize that Pens fans think what he did was awful, but really, he passed up money and a long-term deal for a shot at the Stanley Cup.  You’ve gotta admire that.  

While Candy Corn Head came back and asserted himself as my fourth favorite third favorite Russian in the league (I refuse to believe that Sergei Fedorov is “still negotiating” with the Capitals.  He’s gone.  He has abandoned me and the Caps.  It hurts to think about it), Henrik Zetterberg has also kind of been stealing my heart.  This boy is good at hockey.  And he’s Swedish.  Swedish hockey players are almost as awesome as Russian hockey players, FYI.

So tomorrow night the hockey season ends.  The NHL dragged it out as long as they could.  If the officiating is slanted in Pittsburgh’s favor again, I hope the fans at the Joe give the refs hell.  And I won’t be all that surprised if it is.  You all saw Gary Bettman’s face when the Pens were getting blown out of the water in Game 5, didn’t you?

Elsewhere in the hockey world, Brent Sutter left the Devils, Dany Heatley wants out of Ottawa, Emery’s with the Flyers, Tippett got canned, and Nylander might be headed to the KHL.  If Sutter’s done with the Devils, well, looks like we won’t be seeing his angry glare more often.  

I’m not sure how I’d feel about Dany Heatley leaving Ottawa, because he’d be taking with him the punchline to all of the dumb jokes we tell in my family.  It’s really lame, and you kind of have to be there for it to be funny, but every time someone says they hate something, whoever’s near enough adds “But not as much as Dany Heatley.”  Example:

Grandma:  “So what do you think of that Miley Cyrus?”

Me:  “I hate that bitch.”

Mom:  “But not as much as you hate Dany Heatley.”

Part of it is because it’s funny, and part of it is because we hate Ottawa and he plays for Ottawa.  Leaving the Senators might permanently kill our joke.

I laughed for about ten minutes when I saw that Emery signed with Philadelphia.  Guys, I sincerely doubt that a year in the KHL has changed Emery.  There’s a very good chance that the Flyers will drop in the standings next year, either because Emery plays badly or because he completely implodes.  But I will be happy to have the “Eeeemmmmmeeerrrryyyy” chants back.  Those were one of my absolute favorite cheers.

Dave Tippett got fired.  Dallas was in the conference finals last year and didn’t make the playoffs this year.  That’s all.

While I’m definitely against players leaving the NHL for the KHL when they currently have contracts here, I’m actually kind of sort of hoping that Nylander does end up over here.  I do not like Michael Nylander.  He hardly ever plays and he’s not that good and he eats up cap space faster than an SUV eats up gas.  The Caps need to get Semin and Lars locked down, and the last thing they need is wasted cap space.  Bye, Michael!!

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