Lars Tours The Swedish Embassy!

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But first, thoughts on last night’s game.


Okay, I’m better now.

But, seriously?  Game 7, Washington?  If you were going to win – and win in overtime, at that! – why couldn’t you have done it already and just ended this stressful series?  I can’t take much more if it, I simply can’t.  That game was one big mess of scoring and lead changes and me literally jumping around in my seat because I couldn’t sit still.  It was awful.  I was a wreck in overtime, and then then they scored my reaction was similar to Bruce’s.  Bruce’s reaction, in case you didn’t see it, was absolutely priceless.

And, whoa, DAVID STECKEL!!  I was so pissed at David but then he went and scored an overtime winner to keep the series alive.  Apparently it’s just what the doctor ordered.  And apparently he was totally torn up about missing the WIDE OPEN NET back in Washington?  Hmm, maybe I feel a little bit bad about being so mean to him.

I got to do my impression of Tomas Fleishmann doing an impression of Jim Carey in “Dumb and Dumber” when he scored last night.  It’s so bad but I love doing it.

I had just finished putting a pox on Viktor Kozlov’s house and he scored.  Then, when I was explaining the aforementioned pox to my mother, he scored again.  Must remember this tomorrow night.

Semin got a goal, but I still haven’t seen the old Michael we all know and love.  I fear that his terrifying mohawk has addled his brains.

Watching David Steckel drink a water bottle is a lot like watching Chis Osgood eating a banana:  totally terrifying.  He devoured that thing.

Chicago killed Vancouver to clinch the series and move onto the conference finals.  Congrats, Blackhawks!  Thanks for proving me wrong in my predictions!


Yesterday the Cisco All-Access Pregame show featured this video.  In it, our very own Lars Backstrom takes a tour of the Swedish embassy.  Seriously, Dear Readers, just watch this video.  Watch it several times, actually, and let it all sink in.

Let’s start at the beginning.  Dear Readers, when I was in seventh grade I took a trip to Washington, D.C.  Amongst other things, we took a tour of the Ethiopian Embassy.  (I’m actually not positive if it was Ethiopia, all I remember is that it was an embassy from that area of the world.  So I just tell people it was Ethiopia.)  We all liked the concept of being on that country’s soil while you were in the embassy, so at the door we all announced that we were in the United States, took a step, and then said that we were in Ethiopia.  Some of us, myself included, even stood with one leg in the U.S. and one in Ethiopia.  This is the exact same thing Nicklas is doing, except he isn’t thirteen years old.

Next Lars discusses the view (which, by the way, is gorgeous).  I can’t even really explain it, but you know how in videos or commercials sometimes they’ll show a character saying the same thing over and over again to emphasize it?  Well, that’s what Lars is doing.  He keeps talking about the view, because he loves it that much.

After being treated to the view, Lars is taken on his tour and is asked to point out his home town on a map of Sweden.  We used to do this in preschool.  “Okay, now, we all live in Orchard Park, and so we’re going to take turns finding it on a map.  Next, we’ll take turns reciting our phone numbers since it was your homework last night!”

I was actually just as surprised as Lars was to learn that the design of the Coke bottle came from Sweden.  That’s kind of cool.  Just listen to his reaction.  Rewind it and listen to it again.  “Whoa!”

At this point I just shook my head and said, “Yes, Lars, it is very Swedish in the Swedish Embassy.”

When Lars reminded the ambassador that they had to behave because “we have the camera on,” I just chuckled because that lucky ambassador just got out of an afternoon of potty jokes.  

Two things from when he sits down at the desk:  First, awww look at that grin!  Second, I used to like sitting at my dad’s office desk when I was a little kid and pretending that I was the boss.  It was fun.

And that concludes Lars’s tour of the Swedish Embassy.


This video made me realize four things:

1.  Lars Nicklas Backstrom is adorable.  He is the Pie of the Capitals, if you will.

2.  I really like the idea of players taking tours of their embassies.  The NHL should do this more often.

3.  The Sabres need to get cracking on really good videos next year.  I’m dying for “Ladies Man” and “Roommates.”

4.  I really miss the Sabres.  I love the Capitals, but I wish I could still watch the Sabres play.  Frowny face.

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