Howdy, Tyler Myers!

May 11, 2009 at 2:54 pm | Posted in Alex Ovechkin, Anaheim Ducks, Boston Bruins, Buffalo Sabres, Contracts, Detroit Red Wings, Lars Nicklas Backstrom, Mike Green, Pittsburgh Penguins, This Irks Me, Tyler Myers, Washington Capitals | 1 Comment

Today the Buffalo Sabres announced that Tyler Myers was signed to a three year entry-level contract.  I know very little about Tyler, other than that he is redonkulously tall and likes me enough to be my friend on Facebook.  I think.  I should check on that.  Either way, I’m excited that we made things nice and official.  It’ll work out perfectly, Jaro can mentor him!  Right, Darcy?  Right?!

Game 6 is tonight.  I hate this.  I hate knowing that these stupid Capitals suck enough to choke away a 2-0 series lead and I hate that it’s happening against Pittsburgh.  I hate it all.  I hate knowing that even if they do, by some miraculous act of the hockey gods, win tonight, they’ll continue this alarming trend of acting like the Sabres and end up losing in Game 7.  

Keeping with the trend of naming things I hate, I hate that Michael’s all, “Oh, uh, I have to use a lame new stick because they discontinued the kind I like so that’s why I suck.”  Sure thing, Michael.  I totally believe you.

If I were to list a thing I love, however, it would be that Alex is all badass and “Yo, we’re coming back and winning this game tonight.  Chill the eff out people, I got this.”  His press conference was funny Saturday night.  I watched them all, and while his was definitely the most reassuring, Lars’s made me want to cry.  Oh, poor, sweet little Lars.  You deserve so much better.  You’ve been such a good player in this series, the best one for the Capitals, in my opinion.

I can’t get over this notion I have that Dan Bylsma would make a good math teacher.  I really want him to come to my school and teach me math.  Actually, as long as he can add two and two he should be fine.

Boston thumped Carolina last night (to spark their comeback?) and Detroit beat Anaheim.  Honestly, seeing Detroit win is a kind of comfort for me, along the lines of knowing that every time I see my grandmother she’s going to tell me I don’t eat enough, and Tiger Woods wearing red on the last day of tournaments.  I can count on Detroit, just like I can count on those other things.

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  1. Tyler Myers, makes my life.

    You have no idea how hilarious that kid is, he takes pride in his height.

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