I Think Detroit Was Angry

May 8, 2009 at 3:45 pm | Posted in Alex Ovechkin, Anaheim Ducks, Chicago Blackhawks, Detroit Red Wings, Pittsburgh Penguins, Randomness, Semyon Varlamov, This Irks Me, Vancouver Canucks, Washington Capitals | Leave a comment
  • Detroit was clearly out for revenge, as they thrashed Anaheim last night.  Chicago also came back and won in overtime.
  • Tonight the Caps and Pens play Game 4.  I’m nervous, but I’m also a little annoyed with all these references to history repeating itself.  Yes, I know, Washington always choked against the Penguins in the playoffs.  But those were completely different teams.  Didn’t Pittsburgh have Mario?
  • A death threat was made against Alex yesterday, and while it was just a teenager, it still bothers me when people do that.  Are there players in this league I really dislike?  Yes.  Am I going to threaten to kill them?  No.
  • My “got Ovechkin?” shirt came today.  Heh.  I’m putting it on for the game.
  • A lot of the teachers at school are coming up with wacky quotes when discussing our finals with us.  They’ve ranged from informing us that final exam day is a day of beginnings and emotional awakening, and telling us that final exam day is the big game our teacher, a.k.a. the coach, has been preparing us for all year.  Please, teachers, just tell us where and when.
  • One of the girls in my science class today overheard a kid asking who was still in the playoffs – he was actually asking about the NBA – and said Pittsburgh.  I told her that Pittsburgh was going down, and she told me that first of all, they weren’t, and second of all, was I rooting against them?  I told her that I’m kind of a huge Caps fan.  She asked me if that’s who the Penguins were playing.  I really hate when people try to be huge fans for a team and then have no idea what said team is even doing.
  • It will be really interesting to see how Washington plays tonight.  I just hope they play the way Simeon deserves.  He has been absolutely crazy.  Even my mother has fallen in love with him, which is a big deal.  She doesn’t fall in love with players easily.

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