Three Possible Scenarios

April 25, 2009 at 9:14 am | Posted in Happy!!, New York Rangers, Washington Capitals, Winning Is Totally Awesome | 3 Comments

Last night Washington won a totally awesome game to keep the series alive, a game which I watched with some totally awesome blogger ladies.  The Caps got secondary scoring from none other than Matthew Bradley, Avery was a healthy scratch and Lundqvist got pulled, Torts tried to kill a fan, Alexander scored an amazing, badass goal, and Simeon got another shutout.  I thought it over last night, and decided that there are three ways this series will work out.

1.  The bloodthirsty fans in Madison Square Garden propel the Rangers to a win tomorrow afternoon.

2.  The Capitals win tomorrow and force game seven, in which they gain a decisive victory and ride the momentum into the second round.

3.  They win tomorrow, force game seven, and after four overtimes, all of which I watch even though I have a test at seven the next morning, the Rangers score.  It will probably even be Chris Drury who scores it.


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  1. I would like to believe that Gordo’s awesome play last night was due to the fact that I totally kinda cut him off on the way to the game. Sorry, Gordo! Way to use that anger out there!

    Also, I somehow managed to park next to “Brads'” car the other day at Kettler:

    Verizon was hoppin’ last night! Here’s a crappy quality video of when we won, complete with Nickie-OV side-bump action:

    • Thanks!!

  2. I like scenario number 2.

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