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April 21, 2009 at 4:27 pm | Posted in Lars Nicklas Backstrom, Montreal Canadiens, Semyon Varlamov, Washington Capitals, Winning Is Totally Awesome | 1 Comment

Dear Washington Capitals,


With Love,


Dera Simeon Varlamov,

Don’t tell anyone, but you’re dangerously close to locking up your position as Frostee’s Second Favorite Russian.  Show me photographic evidence that you were, in fact, on the debate team in Russia and you’ll clinch it.

With Love,


P.S.  Feel free to stab Avery whenever you feel like it.  I know you don’t speak English, but sweetheart, he wasn’t saying he liked your helmet.

Dear Canadiens Fans,

How’s that karma feeling?

With Love,


Dear Nicklas,

After reviewing the game last night and your behavior over the past few days, I have decided that if Michael feels as though you ate all your vegetables and were a good boy tonight, you can watch The Backyardigans again after you watch ESPN at seven.  

With Love,


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  1. Letting Michael be in charge of Nicklas’s bedtime, tv viewing schedule and such might not be a good idea. Like you said, Nicklas is an innocent. Michael is not. Maybe Nicklas could move in with the Boudreau’s. They seem like a nice, wholesome family. You know Bruce would make sure they make their beds in the morning, clean their plate before having desert and would make sure their homework is done before they go to the malt shop with Potsie and Ralph for ice cream floats. Maybe the Boudreau’s would let Varly move in with them so they can protect the innocent ones from Brooksy the Ladies Man and Lambo-Greenie?

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