Thank You, Alex And Nicklas

April 16, 2009 at 11:21 am | Posted in Alex Ovechkin, Jose Theodore, Lars Nicklas Backstrom, Losing Sucks, Mike Green, Semyon Varlamov, This Irks Me, Washington Capitals | 5 Comments

Last night was harsh, Dear Readers.  The first period was insane, then Flash tipped in Alex’s shot – on the power play! – to take the lead in the second.  

Then 69 seconds later, Jose coughed up a terrible goal.  And then two more.  Then, when the Caps scored two goals to come back just like last year, he gave up another awful goal after Jeff Schultz tripped over his own skates and the Caps lost.  

I took that loss WAY harder than I should have, and proceeded to brood for about 12 hours.  How could he left FOUR SOFT GOALS IN??  He won the HART TROPHY a few years back!!  I was furious, and planned on writing a rant-post in which I talk about just how much I hate Jose and in which I was going to send hate mail to Cristobal Huet.  (Dear Cristobal, I know you signed with the Blackhawks because the Caps weren’t willing to pay you way more than you were worth.  FYI, you’re actually not that phenomenal of a goalie, you just had really great chemistry in DC and fit into Bruce’s system.  Um, why do you think Montreal traded you so that they could use Carey Price?  Oh, and how’s that backup job going?  With Love, Frostee)  But then I read Bruce’s comments and saw that he hasn’t ruled out playing Simeon Varlamov on Saturday.  Yes, I know Simeon has absolutely no playoffs experience, but still, he went 5-0-1 in the regular season.  I know how different it is before the playoffs start, but still.  5-0-1 has to count for something.

But I was still pretty mad when I watched the postgame interviews.  It wasn’t until then that I managed to chill out a bit.  Alex was very confident that with a few tweaks they could still win the series, and was basically, “Chill the eff out, Frostee.  We got this.”  And Nickie was all baby face and blond hair and “Well, we need to fix a few things for Saturday and play hard and the guys made me promise I wouldn’t cry so I won’t.”  And then Michael was just one big ridiculous mohawk.  I love that boy.

So, the Caps do have to fix a few things.  Simeon better start stretching, and they need to work on penalty killing if the 29th-ranked power play in the league went 2-for-4.  But if they come out with a better goaltender and play all three periods like they played the first, only with some scoring, they should be okay.

The Pens, Devils, and Canucks won their games.  Poor Blues.

The Bruins/Habs game is the one I’m most looking forward to tonight, only because I’m afraid of what might happen to Columbus.


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  1. Too bad Nickie had his hat on during the interview – you couldn’t see the GIANT RED STRIPE he had in the middle of his hair:

  2. Your fear has been fulfilled. Kinda sad.


    did you see this?? hahaha

  4. […] Schultz and I have had our differences in the past but after this year I’ve been working on it.  I still maintain that the Caps […]

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