Those Little Bastards

April 9, 2009 at 2:25 pm | Posted in Buffalo Sabres, Empty Threats, Jaroslav Spacek, Other Teams' Back-up Goalies Kind of Suck, Randomness, Ryan Miller, This Irks Me, Winning Is Totally Awesome | Leave a comment

I fail to see why the Sabres had to go and win last night.  Sabres, you really need to stop this.  If you keeping stringing us along like this we’ll get angry and stop rooting for you say mean things about you.  Winning like that was SO unnecessary.  

Also, Ryan Miller, I hate your new helmet.  It’s dumb.  I think you should go back to your old one.

But, um, RJ?  You shouting “The Goose!  The Goose!” was kind of the highlight of my evening.

And the Jaro interview.  Caveman, I’m kind of in love with you.

And I’m happy that the NHL schedule-makers scheduled tonight’s Caps game at 7:30, because even though I have to watch the Sabres game tonight, at least I can see most of the Capitals too.  I’m a nerd.  I get excited when this happens.  (Dear Alex,  THREE points and you take over the league lead!  Think about it.  With Love, Frostee)

At the risk of pissing off the Chicago fans (and their numbers are increasing daily), I’m really glad Columbus clinched a playoffs spot last night.  When you think about it it’s really great that they’re finally headed to the playoffs.  They’re cute.  I like them a lot.

If Don Cherry could hear me he’d slap me and scream that if a straight-bladed stick is good enough for Sidney Crosby then it should certainly be good enough for me, but we’re playing floor hockey in gym and I simply CAN NOT play with these straight blades.  I need a little curve.  I did, however, manage to go 1/1 on the faceoffs, and the mere fact that I was the only girl on my all-girls team who knows what a winger is/where a winger stands should earn me some kind of medal.  

The other team’s goalie was crazy.  At one point he threw off his gloves and ran down the ice, scored a goal, and then came back.  It was hilarious.  I wish NHL goalies did that sometimes.


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