That Game Actually Was Fun

April 4, 2009 at 9:56 am | Posted in Alex Ovechkin, Atlanta Thrashers, Buffalo Sabres, Happy!!, Jaroslav Spacek, Jason Pominville, Lars Nicklas Backstrom, Maxim Afinogenov, Ryan Miller, Semyon Varlamov, Washington Capitals, Winning Is Totally Awesome | 2 Comments

So, on the one hand, I’d really like to go down to the Sabres’ locker room and yell at those little bastards for going ahead and beating Washington after losing to Atlanta, because even though their playoff hopes are DEAD, they’re still only FOUR POINTS out of eight place and they’re probably even going to win tonight and then royally screw it up next week.  

But on the other hand, all the back-and-forth and the penalties (well, the part of me that was wearing a Caps jersey found the penalties entertaining.  Seriously, Buffalo??) and the goals were a lot of fun.  I had a good time sitting there watching that game.  And then Pommer ended it in overtime and there was a huge group hug over against the boards and Ryan Miller even skated down and it kind of looked like he was shouting, “Hey, guys, let me hug too!!!” and they were all so happy and even though they lost the Caps clinched the division.  

So I really don’t know how I feel about it.  I’ll see what happens tonight and Monday.  

It makes me kind of sad that Simeon Varlamov got scored on in OT.  He’s such a cutie-pie.  He was a total badass when he got called up in December and I got excited because I thought the Caps would actually have a really good goalie going into the playoffs but then there were cap issues and he got hurt and we were stuck with Jose and then Jose looked good for a while and then Simeon got called up again.  And he doesn’t know a word of English but the media insists on interviewing him, so Sergei Fedorov always has to translate for him.  

The Nissan Shift Tracker was tracking Nicklas last night.  Woo, Nicky!

It appeared to me as though Max actually scored his goal with his stick.  Dear Readers, during the game last night I started getting this sinking feeling that on opening day next year, Max will be in a Sabres jersey.  This really bugs me.

I really hate to be such a kill-joy, but while Washington’s power play is fantastic their 5-on-3 play isn’t so great.  When they scored a two-man advantage goal against the Islanders on Wednesday, it was their first 5-on-3 goal in 56 games.  So, unfortunately, it wasn’t so much that the Sabres were just insanely good at killing those last night but rather that Washington isn’t too good on them.

Dear NHL,

I know I’ve sent this letter before, but I’m sending it again.  WHY DO YOU INSIST ON LEAVING ALEX ALL ALONE ON THE LEFT SIDE OF THE NET?!?!  I tell you ALL THE TIME that he is VERY GOOD at scoring from there, but you refuse to listen to me.  It’s your fault, teams of the NHL, that he scores on you from there because you always leave him alone.  Do you even watch tape on him?

With Love,


Even though Caveman took that dumb penalty after Royzie’s I still love him.

Ryan Miller getting extremely pissed off after Alex ran into him?  Hilarious.  Ryan Miller getting extremely pissed off after Alex ran into him and punching him in the face?  Not so cool.  Ryan, as my mother kindly pointed out, apparently Alex “isn’t that attractive to begin with,” so punching him in the face isn’t the best idea.

If Buffalo is going to try to make another – ugh – playoffs run, they’re going to have to work on discipline.  Those penalties last night were not the best idea against the second best power play in the league.

Atlanta won!!!  Their empty net goal was hilarious.  One Thrasher (I can’t remember who) stole the puck from a Panther at center ice and shot it down just as Vokoun (I think?) was skating to the bench.  He literally went, “Oh, crap, there’s the puck,” before leaping toward the net and throwing his stick.  Unfortunately for Florida and fortunately for Atlanta, it was too late.

Devils won last night, but it was against Tampa Bay.  I have no idea what the final score is going to be tonight, but I really do think the Sabres might win.  If they do win, they’re going to collapse (again) next week.  If they don’t win, well, they don’t win.


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  1. Ok, so not to be petty, but Pommer’s goal should have been washed out cause it was offsides. Here’s proof:

    That being said, the Caps should have played better and helped Varly out more. Kozie practically scored a goal for the Sabers.

    Oh, and since you love Nickie and Greenie – the two were hysterical at practice today, chasing each other around the net, mauling each other … the boys spent more time falling on top of each other than actually skating. At one point there was a Brooksey, Greenie, Semy, and I think Mo dogpile. Semy is such a cheater! I’ve got pics and video if you’re interested.

    • You do seem to be right…but the Sabres aren’t even going to make the playoffs and the Caps won the division, so let’s call it even :]

      I’d love to see a video; I absolutely adore those boys!

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