That Was Kind Of Fun.

March 26, 2009 at 4:52 pm | Posted in Happy!!, Maxim Afinogenov, Mikael Tellqvist, Ryan Miller, Trendy Euro Sabres, Washington Capitals, Winning Is Totally Awesome | 1 Comment

I won’t lie; seeing the Sabres win last night was INCREDIBLY refreshing.  I get to use my winning tag!  I got a happy Sabres text!  Max scored an empty netter!  A backup goalie ACTUALLY WON!!!

Last night put me in a good mood and made me soften a bit towards the Sabres again, but after sleeping the win off I still realize that the Sabres aren’t going to make the playoffs.  This win was kind of like their swan song for the season.  The Sabres gave us one last win, one last good game and one happy memory, before going home for the summer.  It’s okay.  I’m okay with it.  I’ve been saying for weeks how chill I am with the Sabres missing the playoffs, but now I realize just how cool with it I am.  It wasn’t meant to be, and who am I to mess with karma?

Seeing Craigory standing up for his teammate like that was awesome, if I may quote Lindy.  If that’s not a suspension I have no idea what is.  The hit on Max was so uncalled for, not to mention dangerous.

Speaking of Max, no one is EVER allowed to get on my case about Alex and his English.  Did you hear that interview with him last night?  It basically sounded like “you know” sandwiched between a couple weird noises.

Trendy Euro’s interview, on the other hand, was wonderful.  He has become so team-first and it’s adorable.  What happens to him Friday when Miller comes back(!!!)?  I haven’t really looked into the situation, but does he get waived or sent to Portland or scratched?  I hope he’s just a healthy scratch.  I want to keep him around.  

Richard Zednik should be allowed to skip every game played in Buffalo from now on.  The hockey gods are trying to send him a message.

I never got to touch on the Caps game Tuesday night.  The first two periods were incredibly boring, and then the end of it was incredibly exciting.  I’m glad Gerber got suspended; hitting a referee is not cool.  The best part was seeing how CuJo came off the bench after sitting all night and saved his team’s ass.  Washington had approximately eight kazillion chances to score in the last ten seconds of regulation and overtime, but he was solid.  

Tomorrow night’s game will be interesting.  I’m really intrigued by if the Sabres can carry the momentum over and then if Miller can have a Brodeur-like return.  That would be nice.

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  1. “Speaking of Max, no one is EVER allowed to get on my case about Alex and his English. Did you hear that interview with him last night? It basically sounded like “you know” sandwiched between a couple weird noises.”


    Great call on Zednik too. The Panthers in general should stay away from Buffalo, given how the team is 7-19-2 with 3 ties all time at HSBC Arena. What I found to be really crazy about last night’s game was how much it mirrored last season’s Tampa Bay 7-4 3rd period comeback win:

    Here’s to a win streak, and Carolina and the Canadiens faltering!


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