Can We PLEASE Get Some Talent On This Team?

March 21, 2009 at 10:26 am | Posted in Atlanta Thrashers, Chris Butler, Daniel Briere, Jason Pominville, Jeff Carter, Lindy Ruff, Losing Sucks, Patrick Kaleta, Stick a fork in it, That was absolutely terrible. | 1 Comment

Maybe if we had a few more good players (other than Vanek, Miller, Connolly, and Butler [first NHL goal!  awww!!!]), we could actually win a few games.

But I’m still okay with last night’s loss.  Accepting that the Sabres won’t make the playoffs makes it so much easier to watch them suck.

Poor Lindy.  I wish he could coach a good team.

Sabres, even though I hate you, you’re still all invited to my playoffs party.

There’s still room on the Washington Bandwagon.  You can even get started tonight!

In retrospect, I wish I had whacked Knuble with my purse when I saw him yesterday.  If that was a legit goal, then he shouldn’t have gotten credit.

I actually agreed with Harry Neale during The Whip last night.  It was weird.

Can we please bench Pominville?  Pleeeeaaaasssseee?

I know a lot of people do, but I don’t miss Danny Briere.  I was able to get over him pretty quickly after he signed with Philadelphia.

Pkaleta’s hit on Carter was funny.

The Sabres play the Thrashers two days before they play the Capitals.  I’m so excited.

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  1. I don’t miss Danny Briere.

    You’re not alone I don’t miss him either.

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