Nicklas Backstrom, Come Live In My House!

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So, last night the Sabres lost.  They were leading with 3.5 seconds left, and I don’t care if you’re playing the best team in the history of hockey.  When you have 3.5 seconds left on the clock and you’re leading, you should win.  Especially if Max scored an actual goal.  (I know I tweeted about this during the game, but it still blows my mind.  I did not know he knew how to score with his stick.  I thought he could only score when he’s trying to jump out of the way and deflects the puck in.)  I didn’t think the Sabres would win, but when there were 3.5 seconds left I kind of hoped they would.  Jason Pominville, you are terrible.  I suspected it after I was at the Washington game.  Then I watched games at home for two months and became quite sure that you suck.  Then I was at the Anaheim game and realized just how awful you are.  When my mom came home from the Florida game on Thursday the very first thing she told me was, “Pominville is SO BAD at hockey!”  I want Lindy to bench him and put Ellis back in the lineup, but I doubt that is going to happen.

I love Lala and he’s definitely got a lot of great qualities, but he needs to work on rebound control.  

When Pie scored I threw up my hands in excitement so quickly I almost knocked a lamp over.  I love the man child.  I don’t care how bad he plays, if they traded him I would have been heart-broken.

Shootouts make me miss Al.


Even though I’ve accepted that the Sabres will miss the playoffs for the second season in a row and I’m  cool with it, I still felt the need for a little Youtube therapy this morning.  I have become increasingly aware over the last few weeks that Nicklas Backstrom is incredible.  In fact, my whole family seems to have some odd fixation with him.  My brother, who doesn’t really like hockey, seems to like him.  My mother, who enjoys getting on my case when I profess my love for players with thick accents, said nothing during his interview last night.  At the Caps game in December, my father told me I should stop loving Alex and start loving him.  My dog stopped barking long enough to watch him last night.  Since I was feeling the Nick Backstrom love this morning, I searched him on Youtube.  I was rewarded.

There’s the video of them Segwaying around D.C., and if you haven’t already seen that one your life is a little bit empty.  It’s classic, especially at the end where Mike Green Segways into an urn.  Nick is featured in that one when he complains he’s cold, even though he’s from Sweden and shouldn’t be cold in D.C. weather.  “Ladies’ Man” never gets old, because you get to see all the players ragging on Brooks Laich and Alex is hilarious at the end.  I never realized in all the other times I watched it, however, that Nick is incredibly innocent when they ask him who is the biggest ladies’ man.  I bet he doesn’t even know what a ladies’ man is.  He informs the camera that it is Brooks Laich, because “he is a good man for a woman.”  Let’s all say it together now, “awwww!!!!!”

But I’ve already seen all of these.  I was looking for something new to watch, and that’s when I found these:

First, I think it’s a great idea to have European players teach fans how to speak in their native tongue.  I always thought that would be really cool and I wish the Sabres would do something like that.

Second, I wish you could have watched me watch these videos.  I alternately covered my face and laughed hysterically the entire time.  I can’t explain it.  Look at him!  Even when he’s dissing them he’s either doing it with a smile on his face or seems stiff and unused to being to being mean to people!  He’s adorable!  He’s lovable!  He’s wonderful and amazing!!  Look at him shake his head hopelessly!!!

Nicklas Backstrom has officially entered the race to be Frostee’s Second Favorite Cap.  This is so annoying.

Oh, and you’re all invited to root for the Caps in the playoffs.  The more, the merrier!

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  1. He’s definitely my favourite Cap! I think he is adorable! Have you found the video of his “new wave” hairstyle yet? Interesting!

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