Obligatory (If Delayed) T.O. Post

March 10, 2009 at 2:50 pm | Posted in Bills, Bobbleheads, Brian Engblom's Hair, Lindy Ruff, Patrick Lalime, Ryan Miller | Leave a comment

My grandmother is 86.  We all love her dearly, and my cousin and I marvel at how even though she forgets what we ate not five minutes ago at dinner, she can remember every single detail about a boy.  (Example: at church on Christmas Eve this year, one of my closest guy friends came in with his family.  I’ve known him since we were three.  We waved at each other.  Since Grandma is hard of hearing, she asked very loudly, “Oh there’s Andrew!  So do you still like him?”  I told her that I hadn’t liked him as more than a friend since I was seven.)  

Grandma has been a Bills fan forever, and one of my wishes is that she could see them win the Super Bowl.  I realize that this is somewhat unlikely.  Since she does care about the team, however, I asked her Saturday night what she thought of this whole, “Terrell Owens signing with Buffalo” thing.  This is what she said:

That Terrel Owens.  Isn’t he very naughty?

Yes Grandma.  He certainly does have the reputation of a naughty boy.


Tonight’s game is on Versus.  I hate the Versus broadcasts when Joe’s not doing them, but since it’s the only time I get to see the Sabres in HD I can’t complain too much.  I’m rather intrigued by what they’ll do during tonight’s broadcast.  As Ryan Miller isn’t playing, what will they talk about?  Will they seriously keep mentioning that he went to Michigan State and won the Hobey Baker?

Lala’s starting tonight last I checked, further proving that Lindy thoroughly enjoys riding goaltenders.  WHEN are we going to get to see my Trendy Euro Sabre in action?!?!

Guy Carbonneau got fired.  I was really surprised.  I never had any issues with Guy and I never considered him to be one of the coaches in danger of losing his job.  

Just in case anyone was wondering, while Little Ryan feels terrible that Regular Ryan got hurt, there’s also a tiny part of him that’s so glad the Sabres are struggling while he’s out of the lineup.  Little Ryan remembers all too well what happened last March when the Sabres were struggling and Regular Ryan was in net.  He still has nightmares about it, the poor thing.


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