March 8, 2009 at 12:10 pm | Posted in Jochen Hecht, Losing Sucks, Ryan Miller, That was absolutely terrible. | 2 Comments

You know what?  It sucks that the Sabres lost last night.  I fully expected them to, but a tiny part of me thought maybe, just maybe, they could win the second game of a back-to-back/beat Ottawa.

I did, however, get to watch last night’s game with all the lady bloggers and oh what fun we had.  If the Sabres are going to suck, I appreciate that they at least wait until I’m watching the game in good company so I don’t feel the need to jump out a window.  

I had tweeted about it but kept forgetting to mention it here, and I feel bad saying something after last night’s game, but if the Sabres trading for Tellqvist wasn’t indication enough that Miller’s done for the season, this is:  my uncle also happens to work at Roswell and saw him there with the children last week (let’s all say, “awww!” together!).  He went up to him and asked how his ankle was doing and how long he thought he’d be out, and Miller said he was at least two weeks away from even getting back on skates.  So, yeah.  I hope Telly gets the start on Tuesday to rest Lala, and hopefully Patty’ll get back into top form.

Honestly, though, you want to know what the worst part about last night’s game was?  JOCHEN HECHT scored and the Sabres lost.  I didn’t even think the poor guy knew how to score.  When he does, the Sabres should win.



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  1. hi Frostee- it was great meeting you last night!

  2. We definitely need to do the whole girls who know hockey thing more often i miss having intelligent hockey related conversations with people of my own gender where they don’t look at me like i’ve lost my mind when i launch into a tirade about how i believe paul is going to save the world singlehandedly some day.

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