When Mama Ain’t Happy, Ain’t Nobody Happy

March 6, 2009 at 3:47 pm | Posted in Ales Kotalik, Alex Ovechkin, Buffalo Sabres, Dominic Moore, Randomness, Washington Capitals, What Is Up With All These Injuries? | 1 Comment

I had a really big test this morning.  It was first period, so it wasn’t even like I would have other classes to study during.  Since these tests are wicked hard, I completely isolated myself from hockey last night.  I wanted to watch the Capitals, or even the Pens/Panthers game, but Kublai Khan and his concubines called me.  

I was quite distraught that Alex wasn’t playing but thought the Caps could still break the losing streak without him, so when I turned on the TV with about ten minutes left in the third to check the score, I was QUITE surprised to see Toronto winning 2-0.  Then they showed Mama Ovechkin, and let me tell you all something, Dear Readers:  If looks could kill, the entire Washington Capitals team would be pushing daisies right now.  It was kind of hilarious.

I did not see Alex sitting next to her, however, and while I’m just guessing here it might be because I doubt anyone would want to sit next to a person with that facial expression.  Capitals, you better get your act together before Mama goes apeshit on your asses.

Speaking of Alex, there are so many things that are right in an interview that should be so wrong.  His shirt looks like the same material as my brother’s crib decorations when he was a baby and his hair is just sticking up.  PAY SPECIAL ATTENTION TO THE HAIR.  Honestly, I just stared at it.  Someone should have just reached over and smoothed it down.  Good grief.  

I am glad to hear that while the Russian Machine is currently broken, no amount of breaking could keep him from the playoffs.



I think it shows how dedicated we are that even when we were about to take an uber-hard test, my friend Kristen, who sits in front of me, leans back and frantically whispers, “Moore might not be able to play because of visa problems!!!”  I hope they get those straightened out.  It would kind of be an epic fail if he couldn’t play tonight because of that.

I was just starting to get over the Kotalik trade and then TBN just HAD to write an article about how surprised he was.  Was that ENTIRELY necessary, TBN?  

I really don’t understand why I took this trade so hard.  I always liked Al but I never liked him that much.

Buffalo is still three points out of eighth place.  They need to pick up the two points tonight in any way they can, and if they don’t beat Ottawa tomorrow it is completely over.  They also better hope the Caps beat the Pens on Sunday because if Pittsburgh gains any more ground it’s over for Buffalo.  

I hate watching the standings.

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  1. I really don’t understand why I took this trade so hard. I always liked Al but I never liked him that much.

    Me either. Like, when I called Kim to tell her, I almost started crying. I was really upset. Although, that could be because I fell in love with his back this year. I have a thing for backs… What can I say?

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