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My phone rang a minute ago.  It was my father, who informed me that on NHL Live they were discussing the Lalime-for-Legace rumors.  I freaked out, because I love Lala with all my heart and I realize that he’s done all he can for this team.  He’s made as many saves as we could expect and it’s the rest of the team’s fault for this current losing streak. 

Then I went on Sabres Edge and saw that there might be a three-team deal that would involve MARTY coming BACK to Buffalo!  NO.  N-O.  Listen, I do love Marty.  He’s adorable and I love his rambling conversation style.  But seriously?  Last year I paid close attention to the playoffs and I saw how he played.  Yeah, he delivered when the Flyers needed it, but this year he hasn’t exactly been the best goalie in the NHL.  There was even supposedly a “goalie controversy” in Philly because they really weren’t sure who their #1 guy was.  Please, Sabres, for the love of the hockey gods, don’t trade for Marty.  We couldn’t ask for better play from Patty and I can’t imagine seeing him go so soon.  And what kind of message would that send?  You say you trust him and then you trade him?  It would seem like your vote of confidence means absolutely nothing, and if there’s one player on this team who deserves our trust it’s Lala.  There were a few players on the Sabres I considered untouchable come the deadline tomorrow: Miller, Vanek, Gaustad, and Lalime.  There are a lot of other Sabres I don’t expect to see traded, but these are the four I really never thought we be shipped out.  At least in my opinion, trading Patrick Lalime is not the answer.

Is there any way school could just be, like, canceled tomorrow?  The intrigue is really starting to build up and I would love to be able to just sit in front of the computer hitting refresh all day.  Stupid NHL.  Why did you have to schedule Trade Deadline Day during one of my busier weeks?

P.S.  I’m already working on not crying when I check my phone after the final bell tomorrow.  Breaking down in the hallway might be a tad bit embarrassing.

P.P.S.  Bill Guerin STILL hasn’t been traded.  WTF?


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  1. I will freak if they trade LaLa… he is a perfect fit for Miller.

  2. Listen to this: Trading for Marty actually makes sense. If you go read Goose’s Roost, Ryan explains it. In short, though, if Miller is out for the foreseeable future, we need another reliable goalie (Enroth still has yet to play in his first NHL game). Lalime is under contract through next season, and I don’t think the Sabres want to get rid of him. Biron, though, is a UFA after this season, which would free up a spot for Ryan. But, Marty would have to waive his no-trade clause, which I’m sure he would do for the Sabres.

    Interesting to contemplate, in the least.

  3. Pray for a snow day!

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