I Hate Going To The Dentist

February 26, 2009 at 2:57 pm | Posted in Buffalo Sabres, Thought-provoking Stuff | 1 Comment

Unfortunately, that’s where I’m headed in a few minutes.  My dentist is a lovely man, but his hygienist enjoys randomly stabbing me in the gums and then asking me questions and giving me the evil eye when I try to answer them.  Uh, HELLO, don’t ask me a question if you don’t want me to answer it.

If you have NHL Network you should have already set it to DVR “Day In The Life” tonight.  I can’t tell you how excited I am.  I will most likely watch it multiple times.

The Caps play the Thrashers tonight.  Kovie vs. Ovie!  Woo!  My new favorite team vs. last year’s new favorite team!  The cuddliness of it all!

I considered Tuesday’s game to be a statement game.  That’s what I call games that, well, make a statement.  If the Sabres won it would most likely say that they could come together as a team and play in front of Lala.  Then they lost, so the only statement they made was that they couldn’t pull off a win when the points were critical.  Tonight’s game is starting to seem like a make-or-break game.  Carolina is right behind them and Buffalo needs to be able to steal two points from them.  If they can’t, I think it’ll be pretty safe to say that they really might not make the playoffs and will have to claw their way in if they do.  In all honestly, I’ve managed to remain very calm about this whole “the Sabres will probably miss the playoffs again” thing.  Last year I was having panic attacks and going batshit crazy, but this year I’ve managed to maintain my cool.  In a way, by missing the playoffs the Sabres would be able to keep my hockey yin and yang in check.  I need my body to be harmonious to keep my chi force flowing, and if the Caps are going to make the playoffs the Sabres would just have to miss it.


Aw, hell.  I totally want the Sabres to make the playoffs.  I might cry if they don’t.


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  1. Glad I could help you out 😉

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