I Swear, He Does It Just To Bug Me

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(I’m sorry, but I can’t link you to anything in this post.  I don’t trust this connection and don’t want it to stop working again.)

So, last night the Caps played the Habs.  The Canadiens seem to be having some problems and I was really counting on the Capitals to beat them.  As I am in this Center Ice-less wasteland they called South Carolina, Anne and Clare kept me updated on the game via Twitter because they’re awesome.  I knew right away that Alex scored a “sick goal” (it’s amazing.  Go somewhere and watch it.).  When Steckel tied it up near the end of regulation I heard about it.  They also, however, let me know when something bad happened.  They let me know when Alex got hurt.

Dear Readers, I realize that Alex is made of steel just as you do, but I still freak out when he gets hurt.  During that Boston game when he went shoulder-first into the boards I cried.  When I got the Twitter texts telling me that Alex had blocked a shot and appeared to be in pain, I started running around in circles in my room and completely ignored “Mamma Mia!” (When there’s no hockey on I watch musicals, because it’s not like there’s anything else to do)  Then they told me that he was okay and was back playing.

Seriously, Alex?  You KNOW I worry when you get hurt!  He’s just like those boys who always show off and try to appear tough to impress girls.  Alex, I’m already quite impressed by your hockey skillz.  Getting hurt is SO unnecessary.  Please stop doing it.  Thank you.

If you want to watch something really cute, head on over to the Capitals’ website and watch the interview with Nick Backstrom.  There’s just something about that boy.

Okay, on to the Sabres.  

GERBE GOT SENT BACK DOWN?!?!?!  NO!!!!!  This is TERRIBLE!!!  I love my darling little Gerbe.  I honestly believe there is absolutely nothing he could do to make me hate him, and now he’s back in Portland?  Blast.

Montreal got one point last night and the Rangers got two, so it’s critical that Buffalo wins tonight’s game.  We’ll be watching it at the bar.

Frostee’s Brother:  Are we going to actually sit at the bar or sit at one of the tables?

Frostee:  If that hot bartender is there we’ll be sitting at the bar.

I hear whispers that Goose will be coming back tonight, and all I can say about that is “YAY it is about time.”  We need him and his energy.  

Lady, if you are going to sit at the table next to me with your laptop then you are going to have to turn off the sound.  I put in earbuds when I watched the interviews.  I do not need to hear all of your obnoxiously loud notifications.

Our waiter yesterday at lunch was a younger, stockier, scruffier, insanely hotter version of Mike Modano.  It was awesome.   

The Sabres really need to win tonight because I’ll be spending all day reading Life and Death in Shanghai and it’s a terrible book and it always puts me in a bad mood.  And because I hate Philadelphia.  The Toronto game on Tuesday was quite enjoyable (although the broadcast wasn’t.  We got Joe but we didn’t get Chris, they had no idea how to pronounce the players’ names, and all they could talk about was Ryan Miller going to Michigan State.  I am SO heckling Chris Simpson when I’m at the Anaheim game.) and I’m hoping they can carry that momentum over tonight.

P.S. I finally found the picture that got all those people searching “carey price drunk.”  Apparently I promote Carey Price and drinking because I got hit a thousand times yesterday by people searching for that.  Good grief.

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