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Well, tomorrow at four in the morning (you have GOT to be kidding me) we are hopping in the car and driving for fourteen hours.  I realize that Valentine’s Day is just the card companies trying to squeeze money out of us but seriously?  I don’t want to spend fourteen hours on the “most romantic day of the year” in a car with my family.  I love them…but it’s fourteen hours.  Starting at four.  Don’t be surprised to see suicidal Twitter updates.

I’m kind of glad I’m not watching the Sabres game tonight.  It has the potential to get VERY ugly.  And our neighbor said Mamma Mia! was awesome. 

Since one of my teachers is kind of a bitch, she assigned us a massive research project with the majority of it due the first day back.  The best part is, the only websites we can use are in French.  I’m going to let in you on a little secret, Dear Readers.  Just because most of my friends and I have been taking French since sixth grade doesn’t mean we actually know enough at this point to go on a French website and plot out a subway route through Paris.  I know one girl who’s leaving for Mexico all week and I just hope for her sake that she’s able to find internet access.  It’s really ridiculous how much homework teachers pile on us on vacations.  I also have a newspaper articles project I have to get started on.  Teachers really seem to think winter vacation = give the kids as much homework as you possibly can.  My English teacher’s philosophy is that he won’t be doing any work over break, so why should we? but no one else seems to share that opinion.  We’re just high schoolers, for God’s sake.  We’re already overworked and exhausted and giving us this much homework is ridiculous.  Now I have to try and fill out an entire planner in French so that I can write the three compositions next Sunday, because NO WAY am I missing a hockey game on my birthday for French homework.

Whew.  Sorry about that rant.  I just had to get it out of my system.

  • Lindy called out Pommer.  It is about time.  Pommer may be cute and adorable, but he also sucks right now.  Step it up, Jason.
  • Florida beat Carolina, Ottawa beat Philly.  If the Sabres win tonight they bump Montreal down to seventh/eighth place (I’m too time-crunched too actually figure out who will be in what place) and that would be awesome.  It would also be a huge confidence booster getting a win tonight.
  • The sports bar promises ALL sports packages, and even though it’s South Carolina I fully expect them to get Center Ice.  My dad is pretty sure he saw a hockey game on when he was there in October.  This is good.  I need my Sabres and I don’t really want to have to resort to sitting in the car for two hours each night like I did last time.  Hey, what can I say?  I’m dedicated.
  • Since it looks like I’ll be spending a lot of time in the internet access areas of the island, maybe there’ll be posts?  Who knows at this point.
  • Ryan updated his blog.  First of all, I already have one dog and would love to have two.  Second of all, I am way more excited by this line than I should be: I don’t have a girlfriend to hold down the home front at the moment.
  • Just in case anyone was wondering, I am totally in love with Jhonas Enroth.

Good luck tonight, Sabres!  Don’t embarrass me when I’m watching the games in public.  Dear Readers, have a lovely Valentine’s Day.

And, hey, you know, this gives you all PLENTY of time to shop for my birthday presents.  It’s the 24th.  You won’t have to worry about running in to me when you’re at the stores.  😉

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