That Was So Bad (#57)

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That was hands-down the worst Sabres game I have seen this year.  Sure, the Washington game was a pile of shit, but since my second favorite team in the whole wide world was there and I was wearing a jersey for that team, I was able to cheer for the Caps and I had a lovely time.  Last night was just plain awful.  And really slow.  I want those three hours of my life back.

How many power plays did the Sabres have that they didn’t convert?  For reals, Sabres?  Their power play is so bad that by the sixth penalty they should have just been declining man-advantages.

Apparently players on the other team can just walk all over Miller now.  I can not believe it took until the end of the third period for Chris Butler to finally say, “Hey, leave our goalie alone.”  That was unacceptable.  

I don’t want to talk about that game.  I want to remove it from memory.  You have no idea how glad I am that I won’t have to watch the San Jose game on Friday.  Thank God for Mamma Mia!

Dear Buffalo Sabres Power Play,

You are the worst thing I have ever had the misfortune to lay eyes on.  I hope you all eat rotten meat.  You disgust me.  I am never talking to you ever again.

With Love,


Last night’s Caps game was all awesome and badass with Michael scoring TWO WHOLE GOALS and then it went into the shootout and Alex scored, which is a rare occurrence, and then Jose kicked the puck into the net after it bounced off the crossbar.  You, my dear Jose, suck.  

Dear Varlamov,

Please get well soon, because the Capitals desperately need you.

With Love,


Since the stupid Sabres put me in a bad mood on my wind day, I will just have to try and make myself happy again.  I’ll pack and make cookies later, but first I’ll share this little gem with you all:

I’m not sure which part is my favorite.  The part where he announces that while this year scoring 90 goals won’t happen but next year he’ll give it a go, or the part where he says he and Nick and Michael have something wacky planned for the playoffs.  I can’t wait to see it.

Speaking of the playoffs, I realized something last night.  It was about this time last year that I decided the Sabres were slowly killing me and that I needed to turn to a new team to soothe my aching soul.  Dear Readers, I’m pretty sure it is approximately the one year anniversary of my becoming a Washington Capitals fan.  Ah, how the time flies.

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