Chris Butler Interviews Make Me Happy

February 5, 2009 at 10:10 am | Posted in Buffalo Sabres, Chris Butler, Drew Stafford, Evgeni Malkin, Happy!!, Maxim Afinogenov, Other Teams' Back-up Goalies Kind of Suck, Philadelphia Flyers, Pittsburgh Penguins, Ryan Miller, Tampa Bay Lightning, Thomas Vanek, Tim Connolly, Toronto Maple Leafs, Winning Is Totally Awesome | 5 Comments

He sounds so knowledgeable and he talks about hockey and he really seems to know what’s going on and most importantly, he doesn’t say “you know” in between every single word *coughVanekcouch*.  Chris Butler’s interview was one of the MANY perks last night.

  • Thomas Vanek is a badass.  That natural tour du chapeau?  Beautiful.  Thomas seems to have problems scoring on breakaways so seeing him get a goal on a breakaway last night was awesome.  Power play goals leader?  Tied with Jeff Carter?  Woo!  I officially declare his scoring slump to be over.   (Frostee’s Dad seems to be under the impression that Thomas will now overtake Alex for the league lead.  I had QUITE a laugh over that one.)
  • Drew Stafford’s goal was spectacular.  I hadn’t gotten home yet but I saw the replay multiple times.  Wow.  That’s skill right there.  That’ll definitely be considered when it comes time to choose the goal of the year.  His postgame interview was cute when all the reporters started talking at once and he looked around all confused, but then he made some smartass comment that made him sound like all the punks at my high school.  Oh, Drew.  At least we’re making progress on your social skills.
  • Tim Connolly is really good at hockey.  I wish he wasn’t always hurt.  Imagine how good the Sabres would be if he was always healthy?
  • Ryan Miller, ILY.  I realize that you were only faced with 16 shots, but towards the end I started to get a little nervous.  Congrats on the shutout.  I’m wearing my Miller t-shirt, in case you were wondering.
  • Toronto took a shitload of penalties last night.  Good grief, Toronto.
  • Buffalo did not manage to score on all of those shitloads of penalties.  Seriously, Buffalo?  I love you for last night’s game, but a few more power play goals would have made the night even better than it was.
  • I have a massive bruise on my thigh and I can’t move my right shoulder because I landed on it when I flipped over Caitlin, but other than that I’m functioning pretty well today.  This is a pleasant surprise.
  • I find it highly amusing that no one even talks about Max anymore.
  • RJ sounded great last night.  It was cool hearing the other teams’ broadcasts, but I missed Rick. 
  • Harry still sounded like an angry old man during The Whip.
  • What was Robi talking about last night?  He confuses me sometimes.
  • Speaking of Robi, apparently my mother went to school with several of the people in that dental group he sponsors.  

Other notes from last night that are good and bad for the Sabres:

  • Philadelphia lost.  Good.  Buffalo’s starting to catch up to them.  Friday’s game will be huge.
  • Pittsburgh won.  We kept flipping back over to that game and laughing because the Penguins were getting shut out at home.  By Tampa Bay.  Then it was 3-1 and we moaned about how at least Pittsburgh got a goal.  Then we flipped back and they were in overtime.  Then Malkin scored the OT winner with 6 seconds left.  The Penguins may suck, but Tampa Bay sucks harder.  You know who I think should be captain of the Pittsburgh Penguins?  Evgeni Malkin.  Yeah.  I said it.  Even though the Pens are terrible he always scores and assists and last night he really seemed to lift the Penguins on his shoulders and carry them to a win.  He would make a lovely captain, and now that he speaks English we would get tons of interviews along the lines of, “We want win!”  There’s still a cushion between them and the Sabres, but Friday’s game will be huge.
  • I honestly believe the administrators in this school distract are control freaks.  Seriously?  Giving us a conference day on THURSDAY and then making us go to school on Friday is cruel.  They do it three times this year, and it shows that they’re all assholes.  Right now they’re probably at the district office, laughing to themselves and saying, “Hahaha, look at those students, they get to stay home on Thursday and then have to come to school on Friday because we feel like it.  We’re keeping them from having a three-day weekend merely because WE CAN.”
  • My parents decided to send my brother on a long weekend school trip to Quebec over spring break.  I’m a little surprised, as my brother is probably the biggest scatter brain on the planet.  The only good thing about all this is that I now have leverage in my, “Going to D.C. for a few days over spring break and seeing a Capitals game would probably be the coolest thing in the whole wide world” campaign.  Woo.
  • We’re pretty sure tonight is “Don’t have sex before marriage because God will shun you and no one will want to marry you and you’ll probably die” night in religion.  You have no idea how excited we all are for this.


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  1. Staffy is so delightfully unaffected, I love it. I used to love him so much and then last season he was just awful and it hurt our hearts, its so nice to see him back again.

    I would love love for Vanek and Ovie to be in a head to head battle for goals for the rest of the season. I love Ovie (not like you do, haha) so that’s a battle I could watch just for fun and not really be too upset if Ovie won. Stupid Jeff Carter getting in the way.

    • Stupid Jeff Carter getting in the way.
      Jeff Carter messes EVERYTHING up. I really wish he would just go away. Before this season did he ever even do anything?

      And if Vanek and Alex ended up competing against each other it would be hilarious because I honestly have no idea who I would want to win.

  2. Umm, dear, remember how we were talking about my dilemma the other night? You know, the one about Drew? Yeah, well… that interview definitely did not hurt his chances, in. the. least.

    Oh, and I just have to say, I LOVE HARRY NEALE. “In the Olympics, that would’ve been a 1!” Ahhhh, I love it when he says weird stuff like that!

    • that interview definitely did not hurt his chances, in. the. least.
      I was thinking about that…that interview AND that goal made him very lovable. You really are in a sucky situation ;]

  3. What was Robi talking about last night? He confuses me sometimes.

    Don’t worry he confuses me a lot. Sometimes I think he confuses Kevin Slyvester too, but he just acts like he knows what he’s talking about.

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