Mike Green.

February 4, 2009 at 4:27 pm | Posted in Buffalo Sabres, Frostee Loves Way Too Many Guys, Mike Green, Ottawa Senators, Teppo Numminen | 6 Comments

Well.  I did not foresee this happening.  Sure, I always thought he was a total hottie and adorable and funny and talented and his bromance with Brooks Laich is awesome, but on a team that already has Alex and Chris Clark and Nick Backstrom and Bruce, I never really thought I could fit another player.  He just always fell under that “Love for the Washington Capitals” umbrella.  I didn’t think I would, like, fall in love with him.  

But you know what?  Mike Green is so talented and a great player and, apparently, an excellent hamburger maker.  (Guacamole?  Brilliant!  I LOVE guacamole.  I am definitely trying that next time.)  I thoroughly enjoy watching him play and get quite excited when he scores.  He leads all defensemen in goals and points, you know.  I wish the Sabres had a Mike Green.

pb010189That’s a stack of good stuff right there.

Speaking of defensemen, Teppo is back!  We need one of our veterans back.  

Frostee:  Oh, Mom, Teppo is back tonight.

Frostee’s Mom:  He is?  Oh, good!  I was thinking about him this morning.  I get so worried about him.  So he’s okay now? [holds hand over heart]

Frostee [feeling slightly awkward]:  Uh…yeah.  He should be fine.

It’s one thing when I ramble extensively about my love for various players to my mother, but when she starts talking about Precious Teppo it gets a bit odd.  How am I supposed to feel about her love for him?  Should I refer to him as Papa Teppo?

I’m going to miss part of tonight’s game because my friend’s sledding party goes until 8:30.  Every year for as long as I can remember my one friend invites approximately 40 kids to Chestnut Ridge to go sledding.  We all run around and eat pizza and scream and act like 2 year-olds.  It’s quite fun.  Tomorrow I won’t be able to move because sledding on ice HURTS (although I’m thinking I’ll just bring a guy on the sled with me to cushion my fall, because apparently bulky snowsuits are back in?) but we don’t have school so we can all heal.

Dear Sabres,

I just thought you should know that I will not tolerate any of that,”Well, we just got back from a long road trip and we’re tired and jet-lagged” shit.  I expect two points from you tonight.  Got it?

With Love,


Dear Ottawa Senators,

So, how’s that new coach working out for you?  What?  Shutout?  At home?  Heh.  Enjoy the offseason.

With Love,




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  1. I love Greenie too, but he’s a little too Hollywood for me. Eric Fehr is more my speed. Kinda dopey and whatever. You’ll have to get Mike Green to take you for a ride in his Lamborghini. It’s okay, Ovie won’t find out.

  2. What’s the deal with you not having school tomorrow? Consider me jealous!

  3. oh i love me some Mike Green. he can do no wrong in my book. and when he does, i am the ONLY one that can point it out. he’s been on my starting roster of hotties since his first year with the caps and i plan on keeping him there indefinitely.

    the entire caps roster is full of good lookin’ men who also know how to play hockey.

  4. I saw some awesome Mike Green T -Shirts, celebrating his great year. They are throwbacks from his Hershey Days when they called him “Game Over”with “Green Machine “and his number on the front. I saw them on Ebay listed as Mike Green “Game Over” t’s for like 9 or 10 bucks ! I think this is great.The Caps fans like to identify with Mike because he’s a down to earth guy who takes responsibility to lead this team by example.

  5. If I had a quarter for every time I came to thefanaticalfan.wordpress.com.. Superb post!

    • Thank you so much!

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