Shutouts and Super Bowls

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Last night’s Sabres game was awesome.  Just great.  I loved the game against Edmonton because, um, who doesn’t love it when their team scores TEN GOALS in one game?  The game against Calgary put me in a poor mood, but yesterday had been going so well for a hockey fan that I hoped the Sabres wouldn’t disappoint me.

They didn’t.

Where do I start?  With Ryan Miller and his REAL shutout, which was great?  I really think it’s all mental with him.  People in Buffalo like to beat him up for being a mediocre goalie, but he really just has to flip that switch.  He looked great last night.  I always got the feeling that he doesn’t do shutouts, but he’s already got four on the year.  Woo!

Speaking of Ryan Miller, that article in the paper was really great.  The picture on the front was a liiiittttllle creepy, but other than that I liked it a lot.  Hearing what his parents had to say about him was nice.  I know what it feels like to lose someone really close to cancer, and it really sucks.  I think it’s incredible that he managed to turn that into a successful charity.  It’s all very cool.  I fully expect a call from my grandmother this afternoon reminding me that Ryan really is “a very nice boy,” and that I should DEFINITELY marry him.  I absolutely love how my 86 year-old grandmother has a crush on Ryan Miller.  It’s even cuter than her crush on Michael Phelps.  (And just for the record, Grandma?  You know I would marry him!  He’s just a little old for me.  It would be a lot less creepy if Alex and I got married.  Plus there’s that thing Mom has with his eyebrows.)

You know who else is totally amazing?  That would be Derek Roy.  That pass last night was beautiful.  He did a great job just throwing that puck to Pie to set up that goal.  He was getting knocked down so there was a really good chance that the puck would go flying the wrong way or Pie would miss it, but the fact that Derek managed to get it to him and Pie managed to score was great.  I got all excited and started jumping around after that goal.

Pkaleta came back and got in a fight!  I was so excited that he was back in the lineup, but I freaked out when he got in that fight.  PATRICK.  You have been walking around in a NECK BRACE for the past two months.  BE CAREFUL.  He lost, but, you know, a fight is a fight, and I’m just glad he didn’t fall apart.

Jaro and Jochen did, however, fall apart.  I hope they both get better quickly.  I don’t want to hurt Jochen’s feelings, but I’m a little more worried about Jaro.  Aside from the fact that our defensive corps consists of like two players at this point, Jochen hasn’t really been a huge contributor out there.  He’s kind of been getting on my nerves this season.

Patches’s fight was really cute.  That’s the only way I can describe it.

I have a confession to make.  Tim Connolly is really good at hockey.  See, I have this mental state where it’s easier for me to just loathe Timmy, because then when he gets hurt I can say, “Oh, well, he’s a loser and I dislike him strongly so whatever.”  But Dear Readers, Timmy is really, really good at hockey.  When he’s healthy and playing like he’s been playing these past few games, he’s such an asset to the team.  The Sabres really can’t keep him because there’s such a risk of him getting hurt, but can you imagine if he was always healthy?  I get excited just thinking about it.  Maybe Darcy could sign him for a lot less?  Because If we could get him for a bargain it would be great to have him around…he’s just such a liability.  He has to realize that he couldn’t make as much as he’s worth though because of his injury history.  Hmm.  This will be tough.  As it’s the second half of the season, I’ve been thinking a lot about which UFAs the Sabres should keep.  Max is gone, but I almost think they should keep Al, even if for no other reason than to have him around for shootouts.  Timmy..I don’t know about him.  There would be pros and cons if he stuck around.

The Leafs beat the Pens last night (thank you Luke Schenn and your amazing hitting powers), so now there’s a four point cushion between the Sabres and the Penguins.  Only three points between the Sabres and the Panthers, and the Hurricanes somehow managed to sneak back in and are only two points behind.  It’ll be another huge game in Anaheim tomorrow night.  The Sabres need all the points they can get.

One quick question:  Why does Wayne Gretzky always look so EXTREMELY peeved when he’s coaching?  If he’s not careful, his face is going to freeze with him looking majorly pissed like that.

Tonight we will all be settling in to watch the Super Bowl.  I am rooting for Arizona for two reasons:

1.  I love a good underdog.  I rooted for the Giants last year because I wanted the underdog to win.  (I also rooted for them because I love the Manning brothers unconditionally and because Tom Brady is a douche, but that’s not important now)

2.  Remember the teacher I mentioned a few days ago, the one we all hate?  Well, he has a major man-crush on Ben Roethlisberger and absolutely loves the Steelers.  To put it in perspective:  his love for Big Ben makes me look like I’m mildly interested in Alex Ovechkin.  He had tickets to a Steelers game a few months ago and was actually kissing them before the bell rang.  His computer desktop is a huge picture of Ben Roethlisberger.  (Frostee’s Mom:  Well, you have a picture of Alex on your desktop, and you have tons of pictures of hockey players on your walls.  Frostee:  Yeah.  I’m also a teenaged girl.  Not a 30 year-old married man.  Frostee’s Dad:  *snorts on his water*)  He even got into a huge argument with one of the kids in class on Monday when the boy suggested that the Cardinals would win this year because they’re the underdogs like the Giants were.  My dear teacher spent a good ten minutes yelling about how this Super Bowl will be won by the team with the best defense, and that is OBVIOUSLY the Steelers.  It was absolutely hilarious watching him.  

So, Cardinals!  May the best defense team win!  I will be watching the Sens/Caps game working on my debate and helping with the pizza bread until then.  (Yesterday’s post game interview was SO CUTE because when Alex was talking about why 12:30 games suck he mentioned “sleeping before…in a bed.”  Oh, Alex.  What would we do without you always clarifying where and why certain things happen?)

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  1. Damn straight, Derek Roy is amazing at hockey!! ❤

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