Maxim Afinogenov’s Purpose

January 31, 2009 at 8:36 pm | Posted in Alex Ovechkin, Maxim Afinogenov | Leave a comment

Scene:  Frostee and Corinne are sitting in Frostee’s kitchen, chatting.  Frostee was just telling Corinne how Alex had been a BAMF in the game that afternoon, scoring two goals in the third to retake the scoring league and lead the Capitals past the Red Wings.  She brought up All Star Weekend.

Frostee:  Seriously, though, it was an Ovechkin Fan’s weekend.  It was great.  So many amazing interviews.  I was in heaven.  

Corinne:  He’s hilarious.  I love Alex.

Frostee:  And at the practice Saturday morning?  Amazing.  He and Kovalchuk were dancing and laughing and they were all being so funny.  At one point he was taking a shot on Thomas and totally wiped out and just lay on the ice for a minute.  Then when the “Why you quit?” guy was interviewing him Alex goes, “Yeah, someone up there shot me.”

Corinne:  That’s terrible!  He shouldn’t joke like that!  What if someone tries to assassinate him like John Lennon?  [Before hockey, she and I had discussed The Beatles.]

Frostee:  Corinne.  You know if someone tried to kill him the Russian Mafia would be all over that.  The Olympics are next year.  

Corinne:  Afinogenov.

Frostee:  What?

Corinne:  Afinogenov!  Max!  That’s why he’s here!  He’s a spy, isn’t he?  He’s here so that if someone tries to kill one of the Russian players he can take them out!  Max sucks at playing.  He had to be here for another reason.

Frostee:  *falls off chair laughing*

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