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January 23, 2009 at 4:04 pm | Posted in All Star Game | Leave a comment

I love hockey for a lot of reasons.  I love how in general, the athletes seem like better people than most other athletes in different sports.  I love breathtaking saves and penalty kills and I get positively giddy when tic-tac-toe passing leads to a goal.  Good clean hits are wonderful (when they don’t hurt my boys), and exciting games that have you on the edge of your seat are fantastic.  The Sabres make a comeback?  I’m in a chipper mood until the next game.  They beat Atlanta 10-1?  The next morning I proudly wear my Sabres t-shirt and coo to Little Ryan.

That being said, I feel as though I should tell you that my reasons for not completely loathing the All Star Weekend are purely fangirl-driven.  I love the cuddly interviews and the stupid skills events and the videos of muscular men in under armor singing happy birthday and, of course, the red carpet.  (Question: Is there anything in the whole wide world funnier than hockey players in suits on a red carpet?  Answer: No.)  The actual game is the stupidest thing ever.  I love high-scoring games, but not when the players aren’t even trying to be defensive.  Hasn’t it been like twenty years since someone took a penalty at an All Star game?  The hockey is pointless.  Some people argue that it only makes the players susceptible to injuries, but I don’t even agree with that.  The chances of someone getting hurt in a game like that are slim.

So this weekend, when I’m not frantically studying, I’ll be watching the All Star coverage.  I will act like a total puckbunny.  I will talk about how the players dress and how they look and what they talk about in the interviews and the introductions (“Hi, I’m Pete Kane…”), but I’m not going to sit around analyzing the actual hockey that is played.  It’s cute and cuddly, but absolutely meaningless in the grand scheme of things.

Question #2: How much did I love getting a Twitter update during the review saying that Alex and Feds went on a man-cation to Miami?  Answer #2:  A lot.

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