(More) Things That Are Bad

January 22, 2009 at 4:26 pm | Posted in Alex Ovechkin, All Star Game, Buffalo Sabres, Evgeni Malkin, Losing Sucks, Randomness, Sidney Crosby, Tampa Bay Lightning, This Irks Me, What Is Up With All These Injuries? | 1 Comment
  • The Sabres.
  • The injuries to the Sabres defensemen.
  • The Rape of Nanking.
  • AIDS Day.  You know that scene in Mean Girls when the gym teacher says, “If you have sex, you will catch Chlamydia and die”?  That was what today was.  “If you don’t wear a finger condom, you will catch HIV.”  And if that guy said “girl fluids” one more time, I was going to throw my French binder at him.
  • My teacher’s story about Alexander Mogilny.  One of her friends was engaged to him but broke it off when she decided that his rules of having no friends and always obeying him weren’t the greatest.  After she dumped him he ended up with a nice Russian girl who doesn’t speak any English.  You know what?  I…refuse to believe that my Alex is like that.  I would rather continue living in my own little fantasy.
  • Sidney dropping out of the All Star Game.  But only bad for NHL.  What are they going to do without their star player two years in a row?  (And, uh, does this mean that Alex will get bumped up to the starting line?  Or would they not do that to protect him?  ‘Cause, you know, with Geno and everything…)
  • The “Flora and Ignatius Should Be A Couple” Bandwagon.  Get off it, people.  I don’t care if our Latin class has a history of setting people off.  Get off that bandwagon right now.
  • Losing to the Tampa Bay Lightning.

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  1. Now that we aren’t face to face I can say that I wouldn’t mind a Twihard and Feldspar bandwagon…

    Anywhoo that thing with Mrs. K? I almost wish Damien were there so he could see your face!!! You were trying not to cry!

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