Things That Are Good

January 20, 2009 at 4:15 pm | Posted in Ales Kotalik, Alex Ovechkin, Buffalo Sabres, Derek Roy, Happy!!, Ryan Miller, Thomas Vanek, Winning Is Totally Awesome | Leave a comment
  • Royzie! scoring in the shootout.  And Al.  You know what, Darcy?  Keep Al.  Get rid of Timmy and Max, but keep Al.
  • Having a three point cushion.  It may not be a four point cushion, but it’s better than being tied.  With Florida.
  • Thomas! scoring.  Dude, it was ABOUT TIME.  Happy birthday!
  • Ryan! being awesome and amazing.  See, Dear Readers?  That is why he is my favorite Sabre.  Because he rocks.
  • Alex! for scoring two power play goals, including the game winner, the latter of which came moments after I swore never to speak to him again if they lost the game due to his moronic penalty.  Clearly, Alex can’t stand the thought of me not talking to him ever again.  
  • Watching the inauguration in school.  America, it’s very, very cool that we inaugurated our first African American president today.  Go us.
  • Peyton getting Keith’s ring.  That’s the way it should be.
  • The Sabres being kind of good again.  It’s nice.  I think I like it.

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