Has Anyone Checked Their Handy Dandy Databases Recently?

January 17, 2009 at 9:22 am | Posted in Alex Ovechkin, Jeff Carter, Paul Gaustad, Randomness, This Irks Me, Thought-provoking Stuff | 2 Comments

At the beginning of the year in my global class, the teacher gave us a pretty pink packet to use for maps.  It was a database, and it  contained the population, annual growth rate, P.C.I., literacy rates, life expectancies, and several other numbers that I don’t even know the significance of for every single country in the world.  As Russia is one of the top most populated nations in the world, I had to look up its population yesterday for the list on my Japan map.  After jotting down the number, I noticed something very, very concerning.  

The average male life expectancy in Russia is 59.  According to my database, Russian guys usually kick when they’re 59.  

That’s terrible!  59 is so young!!  My uncle was 59…a few years ago!  I can’t imagine him dying that young!  My friend Corinne was trying to convince me that Alex is in America now and that the life expectancy doesn’t apply to him, but he spends the off-season in Russia!  And I realize that it’s in his genes to live longer, because wasn’t the ill grandfather he went to visit in his eighties? but still.  59 is WAY TOO YOUNG.

There hasn’t been any research on Metallica concerts lengthening lives, has there?  Because he and Greenie were at one on Thursday and I’m hoping it was good for his health (unlike that sweater he decided to wear).

Tonight the Sabres play the Hurricanes.  I will literally be working on my Asian scrapbook and studying up until the puck drop, taking a short break at some point to shower.  The Sabres need to beat Carolina.  Carolina has lost four straight.  I’m hoping this rumored comeback from Thursday night didn’t tire them out too much.  I’m kind of in the mood for a blowout.

Our Chinese guest comes tonight, as well.  He won’t be getting in until almost nine, but I think I’ll be like a Japanese department store greeter and wait at home.  APPARENTLY we are not to talk politics with him.  This could be a problem, as on Tuesday he’s coming to my first period class with me while the middle school kids take state tests.  First period is my global class, and all we do is talk politics and how Asia’s going to take over the world.

After reading the paper today, I definitely think Paul should be the captain.  We would win the award for awesomest captain in the NHL.

Jeff Carter must want to die.  DAMN HIM for getting to 30 goals first.  Alex, you need to score two goals and get an assist to move ahead of Carter in the goals race and Sid in the points race.  (Interesting observation: the Pens won last night with Sid out of the lineup.  Heh.)



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  1. First period is my global class, and all we do is talk politics and how Asia’s going to take over the world.

    I LOL’ed big time on this one.

  2. Please tell me the word “Chow” is in his name…

    Oh and btw he’s probably going to die at the hand’s of Mrs. K’s blowpipe.

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