Two Big Piles Of Poo

January 16, 2009 at 1:51 pm | Posted in Buffalo Sabres, Paul Gaustad, This Irks Me, Winning Is Totally Awesome | 2 Comments

1.  School today?  SERIOUSLY?  Aside from the fact that I think I did permanent damage to my nose waiting for the bus, and the fact that none of the teachers even wanted to be there, the building principal came on the announcements with five minutes left in the day and said, “I just got off the phone with the superintendent and she doesn’t think it’s safe out, so all after school activities and sports are being canceled.  Drive safe.”  That is basically like admitting, “Uh, yeah, it’s crappy out, we should have canceled, just go home!”  Not.  Cool.

2.  The Buffalo Sabres are officially out to get me.  I think last night was their IMMATURE way of seeking revenge after I said they were bad at hockey and refused to watch them Wednesday night.  You know why?  Last night, after enjoying an EXCELLENT episode of Captains, we settled in to watch the game.  Two Dallas power play goals later, I had a wicked headache and was very tired and cranky and doom-and-gloom.  Even the jokes my mom and I were cracking couldn’t lift my spirits.  (Don’t put us in a room together if we’re both really tired and the Sabres are on, because it will not be good.  Trust me.  There will be very, very bad jokes that only we think are funny)  After the second intermission and that feature on Mike Weber (OMG so cute.  I heart Mike Weber), I decided I might as well go to bed. It was almost 10:30, my head was killing, and I figured if for some reason we did have school I would want to at least be semi-conscious for it.

This morning, I woke up to find my dad telling me that not only did we have school, but the Sabres won.  WTF, SABRES?!  ARE YOU TRYING TO KILL ME?  You KNOW  I love crazy badass comebacks more than anything in the whole wide world.  You KNOW THAT.  I swear, if I run into any of them when I’m downtown seeing Rent tonight, I’m slapping them.  I am walking up to them and slapping them and telling them that they better not EVER make a comeback after I go to bed.

And this is the second time I’ve fallen asleep only to have Goosie score two goals as the Sabres rally and win.  Last year my friend and I both conked out during the second intermission of the San Jose game to wake and find that our beloved Paul was a BAMF in the third period.

Tomorrow night’s game is a must-win in every sense of the word.  Carolina is only two points behind the Sabres.  Buffalo needs to win to put space in between them and Carolina.  The Hurricanes have been kind of stinky in the last few games, according to the scoreboard, and after extracting revenge yet again beating Dallas last night, I have faith in them.



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  1. I had one of those premonitions of mine (Why am I the one with odd hockey premonitions?) so before I even woke up I had this foggy memory that the Sabres made an amazing comeback and what do you know!

  2. Can you have a premonition that they win the cup this year?

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