Honesty Is The Best Policy

January 15, 2009 at 4:27 pm | Posted in All Star Game, Buffalo Sabres, Chicago Blackhawks, Chris Clark, Evgeni Malkin, Get Yer Paws Off My Man, Losing Sucks, Patrick Kane, Patrick Lalime, Pittsburgh Penguins, Sidney Crosby, This Irks Me, Washington Capitals, What Is Up With All These Injuries?, Winning Is Totally Awesome | 3 Comments

(check out the update at the bottom)

And that is why I’m going to be honest with you.  I did not watch the Sabres game last night, Dear Readers.  I didn’t.  And you know why?  Because EVERY SINGLE TIME I FLIPPED OVER the Sabres were either NOT SCORING ON A SIX MINUTE POWER PLAY or Lala was HANGING OUT IN THE FACE-OFF CIRCLE WHILE CHICAGO PLAYERS WERE SWARMING THE NET or LETTING WACKY-DOODLE GOALS IN.  (I don’t know if it’s because he just doesn’t play enough, or if he turned off the game-winning part of his brain over the summer, but Lala has got to change something. Stat.)  Maybe the 55 minutes I didn’t watch last night were different, but the five minutes I did see were craptastically bad.  I’m kind of glad I didn’t watch, because now I don’t have to talk about the pile of poo that is the Buffalo Sabres.  (But, uh, If Rej is hurt, wouldn’t putting Chris Butler back in be the most logical move?)

Maybe the Sabres were trying to punish me for not watching them.  That’s kind of stupid on their part, because I made it quite clear that I would watch the more exciting game last night.  And while the Caps/Pens game was pretty boring in the first and second period, it was outrageously awesome in the third.  Alexxxx scored TWICE to tie Jeff Carter’s league lead, Semie scored, Washington killed off a two minute 5-on-3, Jose wasn’t TOO sucky, Bruce was angry, life was good.  My jersey snapped its losing streak in a big way.  And Pittsburgh?  Not so good at hockey.  Evgeni Malkin needs to lay off Alex, though.  Everyone thought Alex would be the one trying to grind Geno into the ice, but it was the other way around.  I was screaming my head off by the time they finally called that cross-check in the first.  I’m kind of intrigued by the whole Crosby injury, merely because I have no idea how the NHL will react if Sid has to miss the All Star Game two years in a row.  I wonder who they will use to replace him on the top line!  (Frostee’s Dad has a theory that it’ll be Alex Semin, and if for some odd reason that did happen, I think I would die laughing.)

Tonight the Sabres play Dallas.  I’m kind of hoping Dallas can be mature about all this, unlike last  year when the Sabres made the trip to Big D.  Yes, Dallas, we get it.  You beat the Sabres in 1999.  You won the Stanley Cup.  You scored an ILLEGAL GOAL (and people wonder why Buffalo fans bitch about officiating), but you won.  Seriously, though, it was ten years ago.  Get over it.  I’m thinking Miller will be in net?  Which would be good, because right now he’s the only player on that team I trust.  I’ll most likely watch the whole game tonight, because all the teachers today told us to enjoy our FOUR day weekend, and at the bank a few minutes ago my mom overheard someone who works for the school district say there won’t be school tomorrow.  Awesome.  I have so much shit to do.  

Dear Bruce Boudreau,

Congrats on the win last night, Bruce.  You were the better team, and you deserved it.  I was just wondering.

Why in the name of God did you bench Chris Clark??  

No, no, don’t give me that, “Eric Fehr came back and we needed to scratch a winger” crap.  There are oodles of wingers on your team.  Chris Clark happens to be the CAPTAIN.  Since when do you scratch the CAPTAIN, especially if it has “nothing to do with play”??  This has nothing to do with my love friendship with admiration of Mr. Clark.  I just didn’t think benching the captain was something one usually did.

With Love,


Dear Pkane,

Um, calling the other players in the Shootout Challenge “idiots” was probably not the best idea.  Just so you know.

With Love,



So, remember how after the Bite Game I said how Jarkko must be a Twilight fan?  Yeah, well, Sports Illustrated copied me.  I was perusing the new issue and when they mentioned the bite, they mentioned that it was very Twilight-esque of him to do that.  I should have copy-righted that.  


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  1. calling the other players in the Shootout Challenge “idiots”

    I want to see exactly what he said do you have a link?

  2. HA! You need to email the mag your link and say HA! I said it first so you stink!

  3. HA! i thought that said “hockey is the best policy” since it went up!

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