Tuesday Ramblings: Super-Fast Edition

January 13, 2009 at 3:57 pm | Posted in Alex Ovechkin, All Star Game, Brian Campbell, Chicago Blackhawks, Chris Clark, Patrick Kane, Patrick Lalime, Randomness, Ryan Miller | 2 Comments
  • I have decided that since I spent an hour after school reviewing with my teacher and a bunch of other fabulous gals who decided to stop by, that’s one less hour I have to study tonight.  
  • How amused was I when I heard Phil Kessel was placed on IR because he has mono?  Very.  Frostee:  “Who do you think he was kissing?”  Frostee’s Dad:  “Milan Lucic.”
  • Heh.  Apparently Alex is telling the opposition to bring it come Super Skills Saturday.  Excellent.
  • Today in the paper I couldn’t decide if that bit about Ryan Miller and Soupy was supposed to convey his love for his lost friend, or the fact that the spin-o-rama needs to be benched.  I sincerely doubt the Soupster would ever be able to let go of it, so I hope Lala’s up to the task.  (FYI, I do not like Brian Campbell.  I didn’t like him towards the end of his stay in Buffalo either, so it’s not just because he signed elsewhere.  Maybe it’s because he’s NOT THAT GOOD of a DEFENSIVE defenseman, or maybe it’s just because he decided to bail on Buffalo approximately two days before my birthday.  Harsh, Soupy.  Harsh.)
  • Stupid NHL for scheduling the stupid game at 8:30 tomorrow night.  We were all complaining about that today.  Um, after about ten on school nights I’m totally dead to the world, and if I manage to stay up much later I’m usually a cranky little bitch the next morning.  So guess who won’t be able to see the end of the Chicago or the Dallas game?  Me, along with all the hockey fans I was talking to after school.
  • OMG did I mention how tomorrow they are playing Pkane?!?!?!
  • Did I also mention that tomorrow night Alex and his boyz are TAKING DOWN the Pens?  I didn’t?  Well, I did now!
  • Ridiculous trade rumor Frostee just decided to endorse: Vinny to Buffalo for Timmy and Max.
  • High school teachers are greedy.  I do not have the time to just sit and reread ten chapters from Great Expections tonight.  It’s not gonna happen.
  • Twihard started a blog…go check it out.  It’s not about hockey, but she’s doing her darnedest to teach her Dear Readers about the sport.  (Twi, it’s still not letting me comment.  Hrmph.)
  • Captains is featuring Chris Clark on the NHL Network on Thursday at eight…set your DVRs.


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  1. FYI there was one guy there.
    Or maybe it’s cause he’s got a name like Soupy.
    Thanks for the plug!

  2. As a student myself, let me tell you that the best time to have a hockey game is at 8:30. I am serious, after you watch enough of them you realize it.

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