My Poor Patty Ks

January 5, 2009 at 4:13 pm | Posted in Happy!!, Patrick Kaleta, Patrick Kane, Randomness, What Is Up With All These Injuries? | 4 Comments

I’m sure by now you’ve heard how our beloved Pkaleta is out and in a neckbrace.  (Reader Award to anyone who can find me a picture of this.  I desperately want to see what he looks like)  But did you know Pkane is out with a high ankle sprain?  If you followed any Winter Classic coverage you probably heard how he got hurt when he was hit last Tuesday and played through it on Thursday.  He missed the game against Calgary, however, and if it’s a high ankle sprain he’s got, he could be out for a while.  Wasn’t the high ankle sprain what half of the Pittsburgh Penguins had last year?  

I got rather concerned when I heard this.  I absolutely ADORE Pkane.  He’s cute and adorable and funny and looks younger than me.  To be perfectly honest, he looks the way the boys did back in middle school, except with a bit more acne.

Interesting note about Pkaleta:  You may or may not have heard that he went to St. Francis (for anyone not in Western New York, that’s a private school.  With 5 [five] different hockey teams).  I had known that for a while, and we would always joke about it.  For some reason we’re not supposed to like St. Franny’s boys?  I don’t know.  But anyways, Pkaleta went there and so does a guy I know.  He and his family were the ones over on Saturday night.  When we got talking about the sports program over there and the dad commented on the five different hockey teams they have (I wonder how they’re able to get all the ice time for the different teams.  The school doesn’t have its own rink), I brought up how Pkaleta went there.  The boy, Alex, said how he had heard that and one day after school they had been looking at the pictures of the graduating classes in the hallway trying to find him.

Dear Readers, Patty K attended St. Francis.  He never graduated.  

The boys over there all say it’s because he couldn’t maintain the grades and had to transfer back to Lakeshore.  Oh, my poor, poor Pkaleta.  I had always suspected he wasn’t exactly the brightest crayon in the box, but having to transfer out is harsh.  I hope he gets better soon, because according to the administrators at St. Francis, hockey is the only thing he’s good at.

I found this article linked on yesterday.  I was particularly tickled by the Brent Johnson story-line.

100% unrelated to hockey, but I’m in a rather chipper mood because I found out today that I only have two midterms, possible a third.  (Dear French Teachers,  FYI, the Spanish students aren’t taking a midterm, and we don’t have one in Latin either.  Why not follow the trend?  With love, Frostee) That is so redonkulously wacky.  I’m thrilled.



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  1. Frostee, dear, your St. Franny’s connections are wrong. Pat didn’t leave the school because he couldn’t keep his grades up. He left Franny’s because he got drafted into the OHL by the Peterborough Petes. The whole reason he was going to that school was to get out there and play hockey and be scouted; once that was accomplished, he transferred to Lake Shore. Much, much more economically feasible.

    At least, that’s what my cousin tells me, and he knows him, so…

    I hope he gets better soon, because according to the administrators at St. Francis, hockey is the only thing he’s good at.

    And that’s just unnecessarily harsh. Stupid administrators. Don’t you know that Patty K is the best damn thing to walk your halls?

    • Frostee, dear, your St. Franny’s connections are wrong
      I must confess, I’m not that surprised. My source has been rather wrong before.
      Don’t you know that Patty K is the best damn thing to walk your halls?
      I would be proud to admit that someone as talented and influential as Patrick Kaleta went to my school.

  2. Poor Patty K…

  3. Okay I got this…. *deep breath*
    Patrick Kaleta = Sabres.
    Patrick Kane = Blackhawks?


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