Woo For Pommer And D! (Alex is NOT a dirty player)

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It is ABOUT TIME.  Yeesh.  Pommer and Princess D both got two goals.  Ryan Miller was solid and earned himself a Ryan Miller Shutout.  Tvan got two assists.  I had a full-on panic attack for Pie (um, HELLO REFEREES.  Danny was ON THE ICE and was UNABLE TO GET UP.  You might have wanted to blow that whistle), but Lindy seems optimistic, so I’ll be optimistic too.  Crunchy’s basically a badass on penalty shots (just for the record, I saw TWO penalty shots last night.  I was spoiled).  Their penalty kill was perfect and they went 2-for-4 on the power play.  The Sabres definitely needed that win.  Good stuff, boys.  Now carry that on over to the Bruins game on Saturday and maybe you’ll stand a chance in hell of beating those machines.  (WHO scheduled the UB game on the same afternoon as an important Sabres game?  We have no idea which one we should watch!)  

I have just TWO (2) comments I would like to make about officiating.

1.  During the Minnesota game Wednesday night, the Ice Bowl yesterday afternoon, and the Caps game last night, there were referees right on the side of the net who were unable to see the puck clearly enter the net.  In all three cases the fans and players knew right away that they were goals, the referees reviewed the goals, and they were counted.  I have lost faith in the officiating across this league in general.  The refs were so sure that they were right in calling no goal, but all three times it was easy to see that it was, in fact, a goal.

2.  When it’s a hook or a trip or a hold there’s quite often a lot of gray area and we Buffalo fans have just always started assuming that we were right and the referees were wrong, because that’s usually the way it is.  Last night’s overturned goal is solid proof that Gary Bettman is paying off the refs when the Sabres are involved.  The goal was reviewed because the ref claimed the net was off its moorings before the puck crossed the goal line.  Upon review, however, there was conclusive evidence that the puck crossed the goal line way before the net was knocked off.  But whatever.  I’m just going to let those crazy referees do whatever they want at this point.

Last night’s Caps game?  Scary.  Pray for Jamie Heward, everyone.  I really hope he’s okay.  He was lying motionless on the ice for so long.  That game would have been a highly entertaining game if not for him, but I just hope he makes a full recovery.  

But here’s the thing.  We flipped back to that game just in time to see Heward get hit by Ovechkin and then fall to the ice.  It was a terrible, terrible thing that happened, but I’m pretty sure I’m right when I say that Alex’s thought process as he was chasing the puck probably wasn’t, “Okay, let’s see if I can break this guy’s neck.”  As soon as I saw it was Alex, I knew that all the Crosby fan boys and the Ovechkin haters would come out in droves and say that the hit is just further proof that Alex is a dirty player and that he should be suspended for taking head shots and he’s a disgrace to the league and all that other shit.  First, let’s watch the hit again, shall we?  

They were both chasing the puck, they were both going fast.  It’s really unfortunate that Alex hit him, but it’s not like he was trying to kill the guy.  And if you keep watching that video above, or if you watched the game last night, you’ll see that he looked really concerned and skated over to watch them get Jamie onto the stretcher.  (He also provided a bit of comic relief by standing next to St. Louis)  Check out Alex’s interview.  Maybe love has blinded me, but he seemed pretty sincere when he said he wasn’t trying to hurt him and hopes that he was okay.  Apparently after the game he sat outside the Tampa Bay dressing room waiting to hear if he was okay.  A guy who was hitting intentionally probably wouldn’t have done that.  

Dear Sidney Crosby Fan Boys,

Before you start complaining about how Alex is a dirty, overrated player, I would like you to do two things.  First, go back and watch all the footage of Sidney punching that guy on the Trashers in the groin and read the player’s comments after the game about how he was “embarrassed” for Sidney.  Then take a look at the overall points.  Um, who is that who just passed Sid?  It would happen to be Alex, would it?  It wouldn’t happen to be the very same guy who missed several games to be with his sick grandfather in Russia and had a major slump earlier in the year, would it?  Alex is not any dirtier than your beloved Sid, and he’s definitely not overrated.

With Love, 


I would also like you to read this beautiful story about Alex and then tell me that the man in Cari’s story sounds like the kind of guy who would try to break another player’s neck.  He’s just too pure of heart for that.

Oh, and, um, just thought you might want to know: CHRIS CLARK GOT THE HARD HAT.  I have a confession to make, Dear Readers.  I have fallen in love with Chris Clark.  First there was his decision to act like a middle school boy back in November, then there were the pictures and the videos of him at some Veterans Administration in D.C., and the pictures of him on the hospital visit, then there was his first goal of the season while I was watching, and the hard hat, and his impressive vocabulary and the fact that he seems to be incredibly well spoken and, well, kinda hot.  He has officially replaced Brashear as my second favorite Cap.  

P.S. My jersey is now 3-0, just in case anyone was wondering.



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  1. I have a confession to make, Dear Readers. I have fallen in love with Chris Clark.

    I knew you would. It happens to the best of us. And I don’t mean me and Tie Domi, because that’s just gross.

  2. I really didnt even look like a bad hit… he just wasn’t prepped for it unfortunately. So no AO’s fault. None the less I am sure he feels terrible.

  3. […]  It’s Cari’s story I linked you to in yesterday’s post.  I just think it’s so incredibly cool of Alex to do that.  It’s really thoughtful of […]

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