Let’s Talk About The Sabres

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I feel as though I have neglected them a bit over the past few days, so now I’m going to talk about the Sabres, and the Sabres only.  (I thought it would be a good idea to get myself in a foul mood before going to watch “The Deer Hunter” for my school project.)

  • Nobody told me last night that Pkaleta was going to miss at least three more weeks!  Nooo!!!  We were just saying during the second period last night that the Sabres could use Patty K back in the lineup.  We need his spunk and hits.

kaletatop123008We need PK back in the lineup and healthy.  Stat.

  • I just got around to watching the post-game interviews.  Thomas Vanek’s was okay; he was definitely right when he said the Sabres play better when he plays better.  It was nice seeing Ryan Miller talk about how he needs to step it up (’cause, um, Crunchy?  You kind of sucked last night), and I enjoyed when he starting getting on the media’s case about quotes of his.  Heh.  Paul Gaustad’s interview was so good that I actually watched it twice.  Paul was angry and he was embarrassed and he thought that the effort was “unacceptable.”  Hear, hear, Paul!  He was right when he said that it’s everyone’s job to hit, not just his.  He looked quite pissed.  I hope he kicked everyone’s ass after the media left.   I don’t know what to do with Jason Pominville.  I used to love his adorableness and innocence.  Now I kind of want to throw him off the roof.  I couldn’t even read his blog without gagging.  Seriously, Jason?  YOU NEED TO STEP IT UP.  YOU NEED TO START SCORING.  Maybe we need to tell him that if he scores lots of goals the unicorns will come back?!?!  ANYTHING at this point.  I can’t believe I wanted him to be captain this year.  My new vote for captain is Mr. Gaustad.  He’s one of the only players who actually seems to care about winning.  He’d make a much better captain than Rivet.
  • Times must be bad when even the penalty kill is sucky.  I couldn’t believe the Sabres let the Caps score TWICE with a man-advantage.  (Although the Backstrom goal, which was right in front of us, was actually a very, very nice goal.  I wish the Sabres could score goals like that)
  • I’m looking forward to seeing who Lindy scratches.  I want Jochen scratched, definitely.  I feel almost blasphemous saying it, but Pommer could use a night off too.  Staffy could probably sit again, and maybe even (I’m sorry Cari!) Derek.  And Jaro.  And Teppo.  And Hank.  For the first 59 minutes last night I would have said Clarke too, but since he scored I guess he’ll stay.    Maybe Lindy should just bring up the rest of the Portland Pirates and have them play a night.  It might knock some sense into the Sabres.
  • The power play needs some serious work.  I don’t know what, but Darcy and Lindy need to do something.  They need to get someone good to quarterback the PP.  They need someone on the point who can actually keep the puck in.  They need to stop passing the puck around and just shoot.  Look at the Caps’ power play.  All they do is shoot.  You know, someone should tell the Sabres that one of the reasons Alex is currently the second highest scorer in the league is that he always SHOOTS THE PUCK.  If Pommer shot more, I bet he could score.  If Jochen and Derek shot more, I bet they could too.  I hate bringing up that obnoxiously cheesy quote of Wayne Gretzky’s, but the guy knew what he was talking about when he said that you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.  IT’S TRUE, SABRES.  WHEN YOU DON’T SHOOT THE PUCK, THERE IS NO WAY YOU CAN SCORE.
  • I really do believe that the Sabres have some talented players, but someone needs to teach them to start acting like it.  Remember last year?  Derek was pretty darn good last year.  Even Pommer looked pretty good out there.  Is it all mental with them?  Is there some sort of block in their brain keeping them from playing well?  We need to hire some sort of psychologist to get in their heads and figure out what the hell is wrong with them.
  • I didn’t pay much attention to the Sabres during warmup last night, and while we all know one of the reasons, there’s another.  I noticed it in November, and I noticed it again last night.  The Capitals look good even when they’re warming up.  The drills they do, and the passing, and the puck-handling.  All of it.  They look like a good team out there before the game even starts.  (One player in particular was absolutely mesmerizing with the puck before the puck even dropped, but I won’t mention him.  This post is supposed to be about how much the Sabres suck.)
  • And is it just me, or are all of the Sabres incredibly slow skaters?  Good grief.  It looked like they were trying to navigate through molasses at some times last night.  
  • Adam Mair scored the first goal for the Sabres last night.  It was actually a really nice goal.  The thing is, Adam Mair shouldn’t be the one scoring that kind of goal.  Thomas Vanek should.  Roy should.  Pommer should.  When Adam Mair, Matt Ellis, and Paul Gaustad are out against Ovechkin, Backstrom, and Kozlov, there is something wrong.
  • At this point in the season, I don’t think the Sabres will make the playoffs.  If they do, it’ll be a last minute eighth seed, which would (most likely) mean Boston, which would most likely be very embarrassing.  

Well, that’s all I have to complain about for now.  Have a happy and safe New Year’s Eve, everyone, and we’ll see you tomorrow for The Stupid Fucking Ice Bowl, Take Two!


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  1. Staffy could probably sit again, and maybe even (I’m sorry Cari!) Derek.

    Don’t be sorry; I’ve been saying it for months.

  2. Go read me… I was on the hunt for a nursey poo… but then I hired Cari.

    • haha I saw that…Cari would make a great nurse for pkaleta!

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